We believe every guy
could become a better
version of himself.

Our Story

Most guys don’t really look in the mirror. We don’t go to the doctor, unless we can see that something is really serious. We don’t talk about our problems, even if deep down they stress us out a lot. It’s just the way we are.

Who Are We?

When we say “guys,” we don’t imply all the stereotypical machismo. We’re not about gatekeeping or telling you how you should look. We’re about the better you. Giving you access to professionally validated tools to improve your daily life, starting with the most private and sensitive areas of all — sex and hair loss.

What We Do

Upguys offers personal care products and medications tailored to your specific needs: clinically proven, prescribed by Canadian physicians and dispensed by licensed pharmacies.

We are also a member of the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia and British Columbia Pharmacy Association, compliant with PIPEDA and PIPA.

Backed by Medical Professionals

Mat Rezaei

Pharm.D., RPH, Upguys CEO

Born into a family of pharmacists, Mat naturally became a Pharm.D. himself. After getting his license in British Columbia, he worked on expanding a local pharmacy chain before starting Canada’s first digital pharmacy and, later, Upguys.

"Super fast delivery! Otherwise, just a few easy questions and then the doctor called me back the same day."

Chris, 35

"Filled out a quick form, spoke to a doctor and got my pills a few days later. Very happy with the process."

Kaveh, 41

"Didn’t think I had too much of a problem but realized that I need to take things seriously during my medical consultation — the whole experience was pretty easy otherwise."

Jay, 28

"I was looking for this kind of medicine for ages, thank god that Upguys exist!"

Dominic, 36