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Hair loss - specially male pattern baldness - affects up to half of the male population and can start at any age. It can be a result of genetics, hormonal imbalances, malnutrition or stress. However you slice it, baldness is a tricky issue.

UPGUYS makes it easy to talk to a licensed Canadian medical practitioner to see if a treatment option is available for you.

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Did you know?



of men by the age of 50 experience hair loss. About 80% by the age of 70.



Canadians are affected by male-pattern hair loss

Up to


of hair loss in men can be treated or in some cases reversed

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* Hair medications require a consultation with a practitioner and a valid prescription to be dispensed.

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Instead of slowing down, we believe in stepping up. We say it's okay to want more from your life and from your body. This is why we created a range of products to help you unlock your best tomorrow.

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Super fast delivery! Otherwise, just a few easy questions and then the doctor called me back the same day.

Chris, 35

Filled out a quick form, spoke to a doctor and got my pills a few days later. Very happy with the process.

Kaveh, 41

Didn’t think I had too much of a problem but realized that I need to take things seriously during my medical consultation — the whole experience was pretty easy otherwise.

Jay, 28

I was looking for this kind of medicine for ages, thank god that Upguys exist!

Dominic, 36