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Our bodies are complex systems. So complex that we can’t expect them to work perfectly every time. An erection, for example, requires just the right combination of stimuli, cardiovascular health and neural response —
no wonder things might go wrong.

Whether it’s just a stressful period in your life or some other cause — treatments exist. But it’s never a one-size-fits-all kind of solution. That’s why we at Upguys make it easy to get a tailored treatment plan by connecting you with a licensed Canadian physician and delivering the medication they prescribe right to you.
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Did you know?



of Canadian men over the age of 40 experience ED, with many before 401



of men dealing with ED are under treatment2

Up to


of men could achieve harder erections with ED medication3

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* ED medications require a consultation with a doctor and a valid prescription to be dispensed.

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We believe there’s no reason to slow down when you can take a step up and get more from your life and from your body. That’s why we offer a full range of ED medication — it’s time to unlock your best self.

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"Super fast delivery! Otherwise, just a few easy questions and then the doctor called me back the same day."

Chris, 35

"Filled out a quick form, spoke to a doctor and got my pills a few days later. Very happy with the process."

Kaveh, 41

"Didn’t think I had too much of a problem but realized that I need to take things seriously during my medical consultation — the whole experience was pretty easy otherwise."

Jay, 28

"I was looking for this kind of medicine for ages, thank god that Upguys exist!"

Dominic, 36