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Rise To The Occasion: Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Cured?

UPGUYS > Blog > Sex > Rise to the Occasion: Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Cured?
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Written by the UPGUYS Editorial Team
Published on March 16, 2022

Did you know that more than 3 million men in Canada alone have erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction can happen to men at any age, and usually, it is a temporary problem. However, as men get older, the rates of erectile dysfunction start to rise and become more frequent. 

Although they can always buy Viagra online from Canada, if ED becomes a persistent problem, it can start to negatively impact a man's self-esteem and even ruin one's sex life. So, is ED something you might have to deal with, or can erectile dysfunction be cured? The answer depends on what is causing your ED. 

In some cases, ED may be the byproduct of more serious underlying health conditions. In other cases, you might be able to easily fix your ED in a variety of ways, such as by altering your lifestyle or diet. First, let's take a better look at what ED is and if it can go away on its own.

We will discuss the following:

  1. Will erectile dysfunction cure by itself?
  2. Can erectile dysfunction be cured?
  3. Erectile dysfunction complicating factors
  4. What are the treatments for erectile dysfunction?
  5. Final words

Will Erectile Dysfunction Cure by Itself?

If you're wondering if erectile dysfunction can be cured by itself, the answer may depend on the kind of ED you have. The cause of ED is simple: a man is not able to get an erection if enough blood is unable to enter and stay within the spongy tissues of the penis. These tissues are the corpus cavernosum and the corpus spongiosum. 

They are different from other tissues in your body in that they are designed to engorge with blood when a man becomes sexually aroused. In young men, the incidents of ED are low. This is likely because young men have very few health issues that would affect the flow of blood throughout their bodies.

On the other hand, as men grow older, they may develop health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes. These conditions make it more difficult for blood to flow as it should throughout the body. Blood vessels may also become weak and also inhibit the flow of blood. 

In other cases, ED may have roots in mental distress. For example, if a man is stressed, depressed, or has low self-esteem, he may have difficulty getting an erection. In this case, as long as the man solves his mental distress, any problems with erectile dysfunction will likely go away on their own with time.

Some men may experience temporary ED. This type of ED can occur for a variety of reasons, but whatever the cause may be, it usually goes away on its own as well. On the other hand, if you think your ED might be the result of an underlying health condition, your ED problems might not be able to go away on their own. 

However, by leading a healthier lifestyle, you may be able to reverse ED to some extent. 

Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Cured?

Erectile dysfunction is curable, but only in certain cases. In many severe cases of ED, the underlying health conditions that are causing the ED in the first place may be too severe, and for that reason, this type of ED may not be able to be cured. The best way you can cure your ED is by finding the cause behind it. 

Many men are too shy to go to the doctor and talk about how they have been experiencing erectile dysfunction. However, if you don't go to the doctor to take this problem into consideration and you've already had ED for some time, you shouldn't expect a miracle. By ignoring this problem, you run the risk of letting your ED get worse. 

Your doctor will be able to give you some insight as to what may be causing your ED in the first place. If you are young and healthy overall, your ED may have something to do with your mind rather than your body. Many young men may feel depressed, anxious, or self-conscious about their bodies. 

Men who are not confident in themselves tend to have more problems getting an erection. By conquering any mental distress or fears, you will find that ED won't be a problem anymore. If this is the case for you, your doctor will likely be able to refer you to a therapist. 

On the other hand, if you are older and have diabetes or heart disease conditions, your doctor will likely address these problems. Heart disease and diabetes can cause blood flow problems in general, so it isn't surprising that they cause ED. Your doctor will recommend that you take care of your health conditions. Then, your ED should begin to improve, with or without treatment. 

Erectile Dysfunction Complicating Factors

While there are many erectile dysfunction treatment options available, there are some cases in which you may not be able to cure ED. Instead of starting to treat erectile dysfunction by taking medications, begin with improving your lifestyle. If you don't get the right nutrition you need every day, you can't expect your body to work as well as it should. 

By cutting out fatty foods and junk food in general, you can start to improve your overall health. Because, after all, your overall health has a lot to do with ED. Exercise is also crucial. 

Obesity and the health conditions that come with it all can worsen ED. By losing weight, you will likely see an improvement in your ED problems. But what if you have tried all this and still are dealing with erectile dysfunction?

Doctors may try to give you medication at a certain point, but for some men, even this extra step doesn't help. When nothing seems to help your erectile dysfunction, this means that you likely have a very severe case of ED. More often than not, severe ED is rooted in a more serious health problem. 

For example, men who have Peyronie's disease or those who have just had prostate surgery tend to have serious ED problems. Because these health conditions causing erectile dysfunction are so prominent, it can be challenging to get beyond the problem of ED. If you find yourself in this situation, you may need to treat your other health conditions before your ED problems. 

By tackling the bigger and more serious problems in your body, you might have a chance at eventually conquering your ED problems. However, if you let your existing conditions get worse, you shouldn't expect your ED to get better. 

What Are the Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction?

How to treat erectile dysfunction is an important consideration, and we have already explored some of your options. Changing and improving your lifestyle is one of the most important things you can do. Besides losing weight and following a healthier diet, it is also important to stop smoking. 

Smoking cigarettes can constrict your blood vessels. Not only is this bad for your health, but it makes it more difficult for blood to flow as it should throughout your body. You may already have blood flow problems if you have ED, and smoking will only make these problems worse. 

Your doctor may recommend certain exercises for your ED. Aerobic activity, in particular, tends to be the best kind of exercise for treating ED. This may be because aerobic activity can greatly improve your heart health and cardiovascular system in general. 

It is important to remember that you need to keep a regular exercise schedule when you exercise. Exercising for a few minutes once or twice a week won't help you. Your doctor will likely recommend that you do some aerobic activity at least 5 days every week (if not more) for about 30 minutes each time. 

If you follow this schedule, you will likely see an improvement in your ED problems and your overall health as well. More than that, aerobic activity can also help you lose weight if you are already on the heavier side. If the exercise doesn't work, your doctor may prescribe you some medication. 

There are many different kinds of ED medication your doctor might prescribe for you based on your overall physical health. In other cases, your doctor may recommend that you try some hormone treatments, but this may not always be necessary.

Final Words

"Can erectile dysfunction be cured" is an important question, and now you know the answer. There are different severities of ED, and some can go away on their own while others cannot. Whatever the case, it is important to improve your health and lifestyle as much as possible.

By doing this, you are likely to see the improvement of your ED problems, if not the elimination.

This article is written for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information provided in the articles cannot and should not replace advice from a healthcare professional. Talk to your healthcare provider about any physical or mental health concerns or the risks and benefits of any treatment or medication.