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6 Sex Swing Positions That'll Definitely Spice Things Up

If you want to have more fun in the bedroom, there are a few things you should try. Smash that link for our best sex swing positions.

Pregnancy Sex Positions: Safe And Pleasurable Intimacy That Won’t Harm The Baby

Finding pregnancy sex positions that feel good and safe can be hard. Here are some suggestions to consider for your next intimate evening.

Weird Sex Positions: The Complete Guide For Men

If you are looking for ways to spice up your sex life, new positions can help. Here are weird sex positions you can try with your partner.

Fun In The Bedroom: The Greatest Oral Sex Positions

There are several different ways you can spice things up in the bedroom. Here are some of our best oral sex positions to try.

Ignite Those Hot Spots: All About Female Erogenous Zones

What are the most pleasurable spots in women's bodies? How do you stimulate female erogenous zones? Here's all you need to know about women's pleasure points.

12 Of The Best Anal Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Are you looking to spice things up with some new or different anal sex positions? Here's everything you need to know about anal sex.

Sex Positions: The Basics, Best, Hottest, & The Most Fun Positions

If you are looking for ways to improve your sex life, trying new positions can help. Here is the ultimate guide on sex positions to try with your partner.

How To Go BIG: Your Penis Enlargement Guide

There are various enlargement methods that can make a penis bigger, but do they work and are they safe? Learn the answers here.

Boosting Ejaculation: How To Increase Semen Volume

There are different reasons why men would want to increase their ejaculate volume. Whatever your reason, this guide will tell you how to increase semen volume.

The Male Penis Erection: A Look Behind The Scenes At A Man's Sexual Arousal

Sexual arousal in men is marked by a visible penis erection, a process that takes just a few minutes. Here is the process in a "nut" shell (sorry for the pun).

Male Masturbation Techniques: A Complete Guide

Are you looking for new masturbation techniques to change up your routine? Click here for a complete guide to male masturbation techniques to give you ideas.

10 Sex Positions To Last Longer In Bed

Who doesn't want a long, satisfying night of lovemaking? If you can last that long. Here are 10 sex positions to last longer in bed.

Lowering Your Sex Drive: How To Stop Being Constantly Horny

Are you tired of constantly feeling horny? Click here to learn how to stop being horny and safely lower your sex drive.

The Most Sensitive Part Of A Penis: Understanding Male Arousal

What is the most sensitive part of a penis? Understanding your anatomy during arousal can help you with stamina issues. Learn more here.

The Signs Of Female Arousal: What's Right And What's Wrong

It can be easy to spot signs of female arousal, from getting wet to touch sensitivity. How can you tell when something is wrong? Learn here.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) And Sexual Dysfunction: Symptoms And Treatments

What do you know about multiple sclerosis and sexual dysfunction? Learn about the symptoms of sexual dysfunction related to MS, along with treatment options.

Men's Sexual Health And Aging: Everything You Need To Know

Are you looking for ways to improve your sexual health in your older years? Here is everything you need to know about men's sexual health and aging.

The Ultimate Guide To Common Men Sexual Dysfunctions

Are you wondering what common sexual health problems you should watch out for? Click here for a complete guide to men's sexual Dysfunction.

Lisinopril And Erectile Dysfunction: Everything You Need To Know

What do you know about the uses and side effects associated with lisinopril, including the potential cause of erectile dysfunction? Read about it in this guide.

A Complete Overview Of Shockwave Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction

Are you struggling with ED and looking for a possible solution? Learn about shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction here.

Reclaiming Your Manhood: A Guide To Erectile Dysfunction Oils

Erectile dysfunction oils can be more effective than other leading ED treatments. Learn about the different types of oils and how they work in this guide.

Erectile Dysfunction: Ginseng Is The ED Solution You've Been Looking For

If you're struggling with erectile dysfunction, ginseng could be the solution you've been looking for. We explain the need to know facts in this guide.

Low Testosterone: Erectile Dysfunction Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment Options

Are you familiar with how low testosterone may cause erectile dysfunction? Read about some of the symptoms along with treatment options.

Erectile Dysfunction Foods: A Guide To Foods That Can Help Your ED

Are you wondering what you should or shouldn't eat to help manage your ED? Click here for a guide to erectile dysfunction foods to learn what you should eat.

Juice For Erectile Dysfunction: Does Drinking Certain Juices Really Work?

Have you heard that certain juices can help symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED)? Read this guide to find out how erectile dysfunction juice works.

Penile Implant: Is It Right For You?

If you don't know what a penile implant is or if you're a good candidate for one, this guide is for you. Learn everything you need to know here.

Lidocaine Vs. Benzocaine: What Men Need To Know

Lidocaine and benzocaine are topical local anesthetics that have many uses. But several things make them different. Read about Lidocaine vs. Benzocaine now.

CBD Oil For Erectile Dysfunction: Does It Really Work?

How much do you know about using CBD oil for erectile dysfunction? Feel free to read about how it works here in this guide.

Great Sexpectations: 10 Tips On How To Last Longer In Bed

Feel like you're losing out on more time for sex? Looking for ways to keep you and your partner satisfied? Read our guide on how to last longer in bed.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms: When To Worry

If you're searching for erectile dysfunction symptoms, you may be wondering when to consult a doctor. Read more to find out the warning signs.

Headache After Viagra: An Ultimate Guide On Causes And Solutions

What do you know about getting a headache after Viagra? Here is a helpful breakdown of some causes and solutions for those symptoms.

Erectile Dysfunction After Heart Attack: Ways To Cope

Are you a Canadian man struggling with erectile dysfunction after a heart attack? Unsure of what to do? Check out our advice!

How To Combat Loss Of Sex Drive In Men Over 40

With age, there is a noticed loss of sex drive for men over 40. Click to explore ways you can boost libido, the causes and medications to increase sex drive.

Finding An Erectile Dysfunction Doctor: 10 Questions To Ask At Your First Appointment

Finding the right erectile dysfunction doctor needs being informed. Here are 10 questions you should ask your doctor to ensure you find the right one for you.

Viagra History: A Complete Guide To The History Of Viagra

Are you interested in learning where exactly Viagra came from? Click here for a complete guide to Viagra history that will answer all of your questions.

Erectile Dysfunction And Affairs: How To Improve Your Sex Life

Are you aware of the connection between erectile dysfunction and affairs? Here are some helpful tips to improve your sex life.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost In Canada: 10 Things You Should Know

Are you interested in learning about penis enlargement surgery costs in Canada? Read about some of the most important factors associated with this procedure.

7 Mind-Blowing Erectile Dysfunction Myths And Facts

There's more to erectile dysfunction than you know. Check out this list of erectile dysfunction myths and facts to learn more.

Penis Enlargement Surgery: Comparing Before And After

Are you interested in penis enlargement surgery? Learn more about the before and afters of this surgery to decide if it is right for you.

Post Op Considerations: Penis Enlargement Surgery Side Effects

Learn how to care for your body after your penis enlargement surgery by being aware of the side effects and care routine.

Penis Enlargement Surgery: Everything You Need To Know

What do you know about penis enlargement surgery? Feel free to read all about it here for help with getting your questions answered.

Sudden Erectile Dysfunction: What Causes Sudden ED And How Is It Treated?

Are you familiar with sudden erectile dysfunction? You can read about potential causes and how the symptoms are treated.

The Worst Foods For Erectile Dysfunction

Are you struggling with erectile dysfunction and want to get some help? Perhaps a diet change is needed! Learn about the worst foods for erectile dysfunction.

Increase Sperm Volume: Why You Should And How You Can Do It

You may have heard that you can increase sperm volume, but have you ever wondered why or how to do it? Here’s a guide to help you understand.

15 Foods That Increase Sperm Volume

If you're looking to increase sperm volume, you might want to turn to your diet. Here are 15 foods that increase sperm volume that you can try tonight.

Not Able To Get Erections? All You Should Know About Causes & Solutions

Many things can cause erection problems. What are those causes? And more importantly, what can you do to solve this problem? Read this article to learn more.

Can You Take Viagra With Alcohol? The Complete Guide For New Users

Are you considering taking Viagra but want to know if alcohol can prevent it from working? This guide explains if you can take Viagra and alcohol together.

The Link Between Anxiety And Sex: How Can It Affect Men With ED?

Find out how anxiety and sex affect each other, what that means for men with ED, and what to do about it with our guide.

Climax Control: Why Delay Sprays Aren't Working For You

Delay sprays can help you last longer if you use them right. Ensure your using these sprays correctly by reading this article.

12 Things To Know About Erectile Dysfunction And High Blood Pressure

What do you know about erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure? Feel free to read about them here in this detailed guide.

Lidocaine Spray Vs Cream: How To Know Which Works Best For Dealing With Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be frustrating and stressful for both you and your partner. This article studies the advantages and disadvantages of delay sprays and delay creams to help you make the best decision.

Are Delay Sprays Safe To Use: All You Need To Know

Delay sprays are generally safe to use, regardless of their brand. To learn more details about their success rates, side effects, and if they can be used with latex-free condoms, read this article.

ED Reads: 10 Of The Best Erectile Dysfunction Books

Are you interested in learning more about erectile dysfunction? Read on as we take a look at some of the best erectile dysfunction books.

Erectile Dysfunction And The Prostate: What's The Relationship?

Erectile dysfunction has many causes, including an enlarged prostate. Here's expert insight into the link between erectile dysfunction and prostate health.

Six Sexual Problems In Males: What They Are & How To Treat Them

Most men face some kind of sexual dysfunction during their life, regardless of how little they talk about it due to the stigma. Erectile dysfunction is still the most talked-about sexual issue. But, what are the rest? How can you treat them? Read this article to learn more.

Yoga For Erectile Dysfunction: Does It Work?

Have you heard of yoga for erectile dysfunction? Are you wondering if it really works? Keep reading and learn more here.

Vaping And Erectile Dysfunction: Is There A Connection?

Are you wondering if there is a connection between vaping and erectile dysfunction? Keep reading and learn more about it here.

Rise To The Occasion: Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Cured?

Failing to rise to the occasion in the bedroom can hurt your self-esteem and ruin your sex life. Which raises the question: can erectile dysfunction be cured?

Can Depression Cause Erectile Dysfunction: Exploring The Relationship Between The Two

Yes. Depression can cause erectile dysfunction. But, it doesn’t end there. Read this article to know more about the relationship between depression and erectile dysfunction, and how you can start the treatment.

Can Kidney Problems Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Can kidney problems cause erectile dysfunction (ED)? Find out the correlation between the two with this informative guide.

Erectile Dysfunction & Heart Disease: How Do They Relate To One Another?

Do erectile dysfunction and heart disease have a connection that many may not know about? Learn about how they relate in this guide.

Erectile Dysfunction & Alcohol: How Related Are They?

Erectile dysfunction and drinking alcohol are related. But, what does it mean? Can drinking alcohol cause erectile dysfunction? To find out the answer to these questions and to know if you can reverse the impact of alcohol on your sex life, read this article.

Sexual Dysfunction And Male Infertility: Causes, Differences, And Treatments

Are you wondering what you should know about male reproductive health? Click here for the ultimate guide to male sexual dysfunction and male infertility.

Naturally Protect Your Erection: 10 Ways To Improve Sexual Performance

As you age, erectile dysfunction becomes more common. Learn 10 ways to naturally protect your erection and help your sexual performance here.

Stay Hard: 11 Tips To Have A Stronger Erection

If you have erectile dysfunction (ED), you might be looking for ways to improve sexual performance. Learn 11 tips to have a stronger erection here.

Male Performance Anxiety And Erectile Dysfunction: Is There A Link?

Many men experience performance anxiety due to poor body image or constant worry about pleasing their sexual partners. But, does male performance anxiety cause erectile dysfunction? Maybe. Read this article to learn more.

Ways To Boost & Improve Sexual Performace: For Men

There are easy, accessible suggestions and recommendations on how to improve male sexual performance in the bedroom. You can easily boost your sexual performance through lifestyle changes and communication skills.

How Do I Know If I Have Erectile Dysfunction? Here Are The Symptoms You Need To Look For

How do I know if I have erectile dysfunction? ED can suddenly happen to any man at any time as they age. Here are the symptoms that indicate ED.

Can I Reverse Erectile Dysfunction? A How-To Guide To Get Back On The Track

Most time, erectile dysfunction can be reversed. Apart from the medications, you can apply many lifestyle changes and activities to have stronger, healthier erections. If you are wondering how you can reverse ED read this article.

Approaching Your Golden Years: Is Erectile Dysfunction Inevitable?

Sexual dysfunction has often been seen as a byproduct of aging, but is erectile dysfunction inevitable? Read on to find out.

How Does A Penile Erection Happen? Everything You Need To Know

It can seem like erections happen without warning or without cause, especially if you don't know how they work. Check out our guide to learn more!

Last Longer In Bed: Tips On How To UP Your Game

Premature ejaculation is very common among men. There is no shame in experiencing it. There are treatments out there and also many tips and tricks you can apply before and during sex to last longer in bed. Learn more in this article.

What Causes Penis Shrinkage: Everything You Need To Know

No man wants to deal with the alarming dilemma that is penis shrinkage. Learn what can cause shrinkage and how to best avoid it!

Diabetes And Erectile Dysfunction: What You Need To Know

Do you know about the connection between diabetes and erectile dysfunction? Here's what you need to know about the link between the two medical conditions.

Weed And Erectile Dysfunction: Is Marijuana Good Or Bad For ED?

Recreational Marijuana has risen in popularity over the years, but does it affect erectile dysfunction? Learn all about the connections between cannabis and ed.

Weight Loss And ED: What You Need To Know

Are you wondering whether or not losing a few pounds can help with your erectile dysfunction? Here's what you need to know about weight loss and ED.

Does Sexual Dysfunction Affect Male Infertility? Signs And Symptoms

Sexual dysfunction may have an effect on fertility, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Read to learn the signs and symptoms and the treatments of erectile dysfunction, and as a result, infertility.

Top Tips For Planning Valentine's Day When You Have ED

Worried about ED this Valentine's Day? Discover our top tips for planning your Valentine's Day, including navigating ED recovery.

Intimacy Without Penetration: What To Know About Affection Vs. ED

When you're dealing with erectile dysfunction, sexual intimacy can be difficult, but it's not impossible. Learn more here.

Porn And Erectile Dysfunction: Understanding The Connection

There is more of a connection between porn and erectile dysfunction than you might expect. Keep reading and learn more here.

Average Penis Size: What's Real & What's A Myth

Perception versus reality for penis size: what is normal?

Delay Sprays: How Do They Work And How Effective They Are?

Click to see a complete illustrated guide on how to use delay spray and all related FAQs!

Penile Diseases: 12 Problems That Can Happen To Your Penis

What type of penile diseases & conditions could happen to your penis?

How To Know If Your Penis Is Healthy?

What color, shape, size, function, smell and fluids quality should a healthy penis have?

Sexual Stressors Causing ED: Can Men Get Anxiety-Blocked

Two of the most common reasons you struggle with erectile dysfunction are stress and anxiety. What should you do, and what are the treatments out there? Read this article to learn more.

How To Maintain Penis Health?

Everything You Need To Know About Your Penis Health.

How To Deal With Pre-Mature Ejaculation Using Delay Sprays

All about the the reasons behind premature ejaculation and how the delay sprays can help with longer lasting intercourse. There are also some pointers on how to control premature ejaculation with simple home remedies.

5 Better Sex Tips For Men

Stop making the same mistakes over and over again

What’s The Frequency, Man?

A look at how often men should ejaculate

Putting Your Heart Into Sexual Health

Your ticker has an important role to play in sexual health

Stay Safe With These Six Safer Sex Tips

It’s not just about wearing a condom

Easy Ways To Improve And Maintain Your Sexual Health

Keep Your Sex Life Healthy All-Year Round

5 Most Common Sexually Transmitted Infections In Canada

Prevention, Detection, Symptoms and Treatments

Erectile Dysfunction: More Common Than You Think

How Common Is ED in Canada and Around the World?

Strong Muscles, Strong Results

Exercises That Can Help Combat Erectile Dysfunction

Talking To A Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction

What You Can Expect During Your Visit