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The Signs Of Female Arousal: What's Right And What's Wrong

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Written by the UPGUYS Editorial Team
Published on September 04, 2022

Understanding the nuances of female arousal is key to a fulfilling sex life. This is especially true in Canada, where discussions around sexual health and erectile dysfunction treatment are becoming increasingly open and informed.

For those looking to learn more about ED treatment in Canada, UPGUYS blogs offer a wealth of information.

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This article sheds light on the signs of female arousal, providing insights into how you can enhance intimacy and ensure both you and your partner enjoy a deeply satisfying sexual experience.

From understanding the physical and emotional indicators of arousal to exploring methods to intensify pleasure, we'll guide you through everything you need to know about the complexities of female sexual response.

Topics covered in this article:

You may be wondering, how can I know if a woman is experiencing arousal?

We have expert tips for understanding female arousal. We want you to feel confident when having sex. That is why we are compiling this article to share these signs of female arousal with you!

Keep reading to learn more about female arousal. We'll also uncover tools and how to use them to help better reach an intense orgasm!  

Stages and Signs of Female Arousal

Before delving into physical signs, let's take a brief look at stages of female arousal.

According to research studies, there are four stages of female arousal. These stages include excitement and arousal, plateauing, orgasm, and resolution. Let's break down what each stage means and stands for. 

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1- Excitement and Arousal

The excitement stage is the beginning of arousal. This is when there is a main focus on producing arousal. Focus on erogenous zones like the lips or mouth. 

2- Plateauing 

During the plateau stage, the labia can swell and become warmer to the touch. The temperature will continue to increase as she grows closer and closer to the climax. 

3- Orgasm

The climax or the orgasm is when the body releases all sexual tension at once! It is the height of sexual arousal and results in immense pleasure. 

4- Resolution  

The final resolution stage is coming down from the height of arousal. It is when breathing slows and regulates, as well as heartbeat. Body temperature will also regulate, and swelling will begin to decrease.  

Physical Signs of Female Arousal 

We understand the basics of the four main female arousal stages. Now, let's review physical signs of female arousal. Physical signs are the most simple way to know if a woman is experiencing sexual arousal.

Read on as we dissect arousal in all parts of the female body. 

1- Vagina: Vaginal Canal 

The vaginal canal has elasticity and expanses to allow entrance for a penis or sex toy. Also, the vagina will lubricate itself, which is why it can become "wet." This female "wetness" involves different body fluids. 

There is discharge from the vagina, cervical fluid, and arousal fluid. All these body fluids have a special design to prepare the vaginal canal for penetration.  

2- Breasts and Nipples 

The breasts can swell, and the nipples will harden. These are two clear signs of female arousal. Science proves that sexual play of the nipples increases female sexual arousal by 81.5%! 

3- Breathing

A woman's breathing will quicken, and you will hear shallow inhalations. You may hear deeper inhalation as she reaches closer to an orgasm. That is because oxygen levels rise with her sexual stimulation. 

4- Face, Cheeks, and Skin

You may notice that her face relaxes. Her cheeks may appear flush red. This is because adrenaline rushes through the body during sex.

Adrenaline causes blood vessels to dilate, allowing for more blood flow. The adrenaline will also affect the temperature of her skin. She will feel warm, and you may notice sweating.  

5- Mouth and Eyes

She may allow her mouth to remain a bit open. She may bite her bottom lip. Her eyes may appear hungry with desire. If you are aware of her pupils, you may see them dilate. 

However, studies show men experience dilating pupils more than women with sexual arousal.  

6- Verbal Cues of Female Arousal

Some women may be more comfortable expressing themselves out loud. Others may be more comfortable being quiet. Either way, it is best to be aware of how your female partner is enjoying the activity. 

Listen for moaning, breathing, and verbal commands.  

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How To Increase Female Arousal

Vibrators are a woman's friend! Vibrations on the clitoris will stimulate those 8,000 nerve endings. Stimulating her clitoris can encourage her natural lubrication. 

There are also vibrators with temperature options. Heating options could increase her arousal and is worth the extra investment. Also, consider massage speed and rhythm type. 

Women may prefer faster or slower speeds and alternating pulsing patterns.  

Increase Sexual Performance and Pleasure Tips 

Women and men can improve sexual performance and pleasure in similar ways. Those similarities are having a clean diet, exercise, and mental health. 

Clean Diet 

Eating clean foods with low grease will improve your energy and physical health. It is logical that this will also improve how you have sex. This will also give you more energy to enjoy the activity.


Exercise and mental health go hand-in-hand. Exercise makes you healthier and happier in the long run. Regular exercise can boost men's and women's sexual stamina! 

Mental Health

Men and women can experience anxiety and stress when thinking about having sex. It could be due to struggling with feeling confident in your own skin for a long time. Whatever the case may be, stress and anxiety take a real toll on sexual pleasure and even the possibility of sex.

Practice regular mental health strategies to keep you enjoying physical play! This includes regular exercise, having a clean diet, sleeping enough, and practicing mindfulness.

A Few Wrong Ways To Arouse a Woman

We know some key ways to arouse a female, but what are some mistakes to avoid? 

Being too eager when entering could cause pain and discomfort. You want to make sure she is well lubricated before going in. When you do enter the vagina with a penis or toy, be sure to move in with care. 

Another wrong way to go about arousing a woman is not listening. Slow down if she is flinching or scrunching her face. She may be shy or nervous to express discomfort.

Refocus your energy on listening to her verbals and non-verbals. Also, encourage her to speak with gentle questions like: 

  • How does that feel? 
  • Do you like it when I do that? 
  • Would you like me to slow down? 
  • Want to change positions? 
  • Are you comfortable? 

There is nothing more attractive than showing a woman you care about her body and her feelings.  

What Is Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD)?

Female arousal disorder can affect a woman's sexual fulfillment. Like men sexual problems, women also can suffer from sexual dysfunction and disorders. But what does female arousal disorder mean and look like? 

FSAD is when a woman has little to no interest in sex. It could lead to emotional distress when it goes on for many months. She may experience physical signs also, like not being able to get "wet."

When To See a Doctor for Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

Life can be hard at times, but that should not debilitate you from one of life's natural activities--sex! It may be time to visit a doctor if you have many symptoms that keep you from doing the do. There is more information on FSAD in the Diagnostic Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

According to DSM-5, three or more of these signs and symptoms warrant a doctor's visit: 

  1. No interest or thoughts about sex
  2. Decrease in sexual arousal
  3. Decrease in pleasure during sexual activity
  4. Reduced or no arousal in response to visual, written, or verbal cues
  5. Infrequent or no initiation of sexual activity within a relationship
  6. Reduced or no sensations in the genitals

Women's sexual health is vital for a happy and healthy life. Seeking healthcare should be a top priority if these symptoms last more than six months. 

Key Takeaways

What are the key takeaways from seeing the signs of female arousal in your partner? Great question; we are glad you asked!  

The key takeaways are listening to her verbal and nonverbal communication. Look at her body, and try to analyze what she is feeling. Ask questions if you are not able to pick up on her nonverbals. 

Be sure she is "wet," or buy lube. Maintain a clean, healthy diet for stamina. Practice mindfulness to relieve stress and anxiety to nurture arousal.

Guide her body into pleasure with a sex toy like a vibrator.  

UPGUYS and Understanding Sexual Arousal 

Now you know the signs of female arousal to look out for! Take these tools and use them to skyrocket the pleasure for you and your partner. If you need more tips and knowledge on how to improve your sex life, we're here to help!

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UPGUYS has strict sourcing guidelines to ensure our content is accurate and current. We rely on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations. We strive to use primary sources and refrain from using tertiary references.

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