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Ways To Boost & Improve Sexual Performace: For Men

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Written by the UPGUYS Editorial Team
Published on March 04, 2022

Sexual performance is one of the most important but possibly the most sensitive matter in a relationship. Because what happens in the bedroom does not stay in the bedroom. It spreads all over the relationship. That's why it is essential for every person to be the best they can be. 

Many men have the right moves already, but they can't perform the way they want to due to physical issues. On the other hand, some men find it hard to raise the topic and talk about what they are physically going through with their partners. All these make it vital to discuss ways to improve male sexual performance in this article. 

Here, we explain:

-How to improve male sexual performance

    -Lifestyle changes

    -Other changes

-Get more help to boost your sexual performance

-Key takeaways

There are many suggestions mentioned here that you can apply in your life to improve your sexual performance.

How To Improve Male Sexual Performance

This question might be one of the scariest for many. However, in most cases of sexual dysfunction, men can make a considerable improvement in their performance by having their health checked up, making lifestyle changes, and taking prescribed medications. To boost sexual performance in men, do your best to apply the following changes and incorporate the healthy habits mentioned below into your life.

Make healthy changes in your lifestyle and see the improvements in your sexual performance.

Lifestyle Changes

One of the most productive yet most challenging ways to boost your sexual performance and general health is to make necessary, healthy changes in your lifestyle and your life-long habits. Bear in mind that every change you make for the better in your life right now, whatever age you are, helps you immensely, not only in your bedroom but also later on in life. 

Get To Your Optimal Weight

There are many reasons behind the extra pounds you've put on, psychological and physical, making losing weight very hard. But, the truth is that getting to a healthy weight is the ultimate cure to many physical problems one might have. 

Obesity causes cardiovascular diseases, diabetes type two, and many more physical problems. It also stops the body from having free, flexible movements. That's why weight loss has a positive impact on improving sexual performance. Losing extra weight helps with the movements of your body and the blood flow to the penis.

Read more: Weight Loss And ED: What You Need To Know

Losing the extra pounds helps your body move better and prevents it from developing heart diseases, diabetes and many more. Because of all that, if you get to your optimal weight, you can definitely improve your sexual performance.

Move It, Move It

Doing exercise every day is essential for overall health as well as your confidence. Physical activity can boost your mood and your sexual performance. It's essential to do some kind of cardio on a daily basis. It doesn't have to be some heavy activity, but low-impact, like walking, running, or cycling.

Some activities directly address erectile dysfunction and can eliminate that. Kegel is one of those activities that can help boost your sexual performance. These exercises do not replace cardio, but they are highly advantageous when it comes to sexual performance.

Incorporate Healthy Food into Your Diet

Replace your food intake with whole-grain, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Foods like spinach, avocados, chilli peppers, tomatoes, apples, oats, oysters and coffee!

At the same time, stay away from saturated fat, like fatty beef and butter and processed food. You need food that can support blood flow and balance of hormones instead. 

You also need to stay away from excessive alcohol drinking, stress and lack of sleep. 

Get Rid of Bad Habits

To boost your sexual performance and quality of life, you need to keep some bad habits to the minimum, or better yet, eliminate them altogether.

One thing that stops men from having good erections and good sexual health is smoking. Quit smoking and let your body boost the blood flow and the blood vessels to repair. Studies show that heavy smokers are 60% more likely to develop erectile dysfunction. 

Eat lots of fruit, vegetables, nuts, and oats, and stay away from stress, lack of sleep, excessive drinking and smoking to boost your sexual performance.

Other Changes

Besides lifestyle changes, you can do other things to feel better about yourself and your sex life. These changes are primarily psychological and in relation to your partner. 

Talk It Out

Communication is key. Talking to your partner can help a huge deal with your confidence, stress and anxiety. Choose the right timing and let your partner know why you might feel stressed. Talking brings you closer usually, and you might even find new solutions together to your concern. Be open to suggestions from your partner and try new things together, like watching erotic movies or sharing fantasies. 

Learn Different Ways of Intimacy

Intimacy is not penetration. In fact, a lot of the time, it's far from it. Be creative and try new ways to spice things up and give extra attention and pleasure to your partner and yourself. 

You can dirty talk or use sex toys. You can prolong foreplay, cuddle, share fantasies and outercourse.

Just remember, sex is not defined by or ends with penetration. Be creative!

Get in the Sun

Getting the sun helps with boosting sex drive. The reason for that is the sun stops the production of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone that helps us sleep, but it also lowers our sex drive. So, less melatonin equals more sex.

So, get out and let the sun touch your skin and wake up your sex drive, especially on the cold days of Canada winters.

Handle Your Stress

As mentioned above, in order to achieve better, more improved sexual performance, you need to manage your stress. In order to manage stress, you can:

  1. exercise
  2. eat healthily
  3. sleep well
  4. stay away from the news as much as possible
  5. appreciate life
  6. yoga
  7. and not be too hard on yourself

More Masturbation Equals Improved Longevity

Practice makes perfect! Masturbation can hugely help with erectile dysfunction, especially when the underlying reasons behind ED are psychological and due to stress and anxiety. You'll get better confidence when you can finish with masturbation.

Masturbation can also be the little spice you need in the bedroom when you and your partner decide to do it simultaneously.

Get More Help To Boost Your Sexual Performance

You might find it hard to talk about the problems you have in the bedroom to anyone, even your doctor. But rest assured that there is nothing to be ashamed of. Problems in the bedroom occur more than you might think, and the doctors are aware of that. 

Go to your healthcare provider and share your concern. Let them know what medications you use and what physical or mental health issues you have. 

Apart from the tips and suggestions mentioned above, there are highly effective medications in the market to treat ED and help boost your sexual performance. 

You need a prescription for these medications if you are living in Canada.

Key Takeaways

Problems in the bedroom occur to a lot of men worldwide and in Canada. Physical or psychological issues cause these problems. There are great prescribed medications you can get to perform better sexually. But, you can also make changes to your lifestyle and communication skills to address the problem. You can:

  1. lose weight
  2. exercise
  3. eat better
  4. get enough sleep
  5. masturbate
  6. communicate your concerns with your partner
  7. manage your stress
  8. stop bad habits, like drinking and smoking, etc.

This article is written for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information provided in the articles cannot and should not replace advice from a healthcare professional. Talk to your healthcare provider about any physical or mental health concerns or the risks and benefits of any treatment or medication.