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Masturbation Effects On Kidneys: The Facts All Men Need To Know

UPGUYS > Blog > Health > Masturbation Effects On Kidneys: The Facts All Men Need To Know
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Written by the UPGUYS Editorial Team
Published on September 20, 2022
Last Updated on November 08, 2023

Masturbation is completely normal and healthy behaviour. Sexual desires and cravings have existed for millennia without causing adverse health conditions.

More recently, there has been renewed interest in masturbation's effects on kidney health. Is there a link between masturbating and kidneys, and if so, is it damaging?

Keep reading to take a deep dive to learn more about masturbation effects on kidney health and how much misinformation there is about masturbating.

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Table of Contents:

The Health Benefits of Masturbation

Masturbation has been highlighted as a tactic to promote sexual health. It can do this by encouraging closeness and exploring one's own pleasure.

Masturbating is also helpful for lowering the risk of unintended pregnancy and avoiding the spread of HIV and sexually transmitted infections.

Expelling sexual tension through masturbation can help reduce stress, release tension, and enhance sleep quality. Once your mind isn't fogged by your sexual cravings, you can experience enhanced concentration levels and an elevated mood.

Routinely masturbating can also help make you last longer in bed and improve your sexual performance. You can give yourself immense pleasure.

Masturbation is frequently used as a sexual outlet by those who choose not to engage in sex or who are not already in a sexual relationship. Masturbation also provides advantages for elderly women's sexual health, including reduced pain and vaginal dryness.

The Risks of Masturbation

If you or someone you know masturbates frequently, it may make them less sensitive and make it harder to engage in sexual acts with a partner. Apart from long-term sex drive plateauing, there are not many risks associated with masturbating.

Many people worry that excessive masturbation can have serious health risks. This couldn't be further from the truth. Masturbation has no negative effects on the body or the mind. However, it might negatively affect your career or relationship with your partner.

The safest type of sex is masturbation because there is no chance of getting pregnant or infected.

Skin irritation from regular masturbation is possible. But it can be avoided by using a lot of lubrication.

Does Masturbation Affect Your Kidneys?

You don't need to worry about the effect of masturbation on kidney health. Kidneys are used to create urine from extra waste and water. Urine is expelled through the urethra in females.

Females engage in masturbation or vaginal sex at the vaginal opening. These are two distinct areas.

They do not have a direct impact on one another. The holes through which women expel urine and waste that their kidneys are accountable for are distinct from those through which they enjoy sexual activity.

Your kidneys are unaffected by masturbation, regardless of whether you use a vibrator or stick your fingers into your vagina. Furthermore, there is no scientific proof that masturbating has any negative impact on the kidneys.

Male masturbation and kidney health are also not related. The urethra, uterus, and bladder collaborate with the kidneys to ensure that no urine flows that can harm or contaminate human sperm cells.

A man's internal sex plumbing shuts off the bladder and the sphincter when he masturbates or engages in sexual activity. Therefore, masturbation has no impact on the kidneys. Your kidneys will continue to operate completely normally when masturbating.

Kidney stones are in no way affected by female masturbation. You should not feel obligated to give up masturbating when you have kidney stones.

Despite this, there is little study on female masturbation and kidney stones. However, there is sufficient data to imply that masturbating does not lead to kidney stones in females.

Amongst men, masturbation's effect on kidney stones is positive. It helps to coax kidney stones that are 5-10 millimetres large.

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Growing Popularity of Masturbation

Although masturbation is pleasurable to both men and women, men are more likely to start integrating masturbation into their routine at an earlier age. As popular culture has become more sexualized, people of both genders have grown more sexually active.

Men are most likely to masturbate from their teens into middle age, according to studies. This is due to their sexual awakening taking place during puberty.

Typically, men masturbate into their golden years. Most men don't change their masturbation habits once they get married. Studies do show that after age 50, the rate of male masturbation slightly decreases. However, most men who masturbate do so well into their senior years.

Women, on the other hand, take much longer to warm up to masturbation. Women in their 20s and 30s are most likely to masturbate and then stop this trend once they enter motherhood and marriage. Women who are 18-20 and 40+ years old masturbate at much lower rates.

Myths About Masturbation

Many of the myths that surround masturbation were started out of a desire to dispel sexual behaviour outside of wedlock. These myths really do span everything from spontaneous blindness to erectile dysfunction.

Masturbation has been the subject of numerous myths over the years. These frequently reappear based on how conservative a generation is. This is despite the fact that many of them have already been disproven.

Science doesn't support the majority of assertions made about masturbation. Often, there is no scientific proof to support any of the alleged negative effects of masturbation.

Key Takeaways: Know What Scientific Research Says About Masturbation Effects on Kidney Health

Sift through all of the speculation and myths to know masturbation's effects on the kidneys. Masturbation is a very natural process in both men and women. It's considered one of the best natural ways to keep your body and mind healthy.

Although many people view masturbation and sexuality as bad, they truly can help improve your overall health and quality of life. Don't be misled by myths about masturbation effects on kidney health.

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