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Calm Down: 6 Tips To Help You Stop Compulsive Masturbation

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Published on March 03, 2023

Let's talk about how much you masturbate! (We understand that it is not a conversation anyone really wants to have.)

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Although it might not be the most popular subject, it's always important to be aware of your habits and if they might be having any detrimental effects on you. Although it is perfectly normal to masturbate, there's always that timeless phrase: "too much of a good thing."

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In this article, we'll talk about how to stop masturbation if it's beginning to negatively influence your life. We'll cover:

Let's dive in.

When Does Masturbation Become a Problem?

Masturbation is a perfectly normal, healthy activity that everyone does, male and female. Although there is no "right number," three to five times a week might be considered regular, while masturbating daily is also common. 

It's very important to remember that every single person is different. Some people might masturbate much less than that, and that's fine too. 

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UPGUYS ED Meds: Simple & Discreet
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UPGUYS ED Meds: Simple & Discreet

People still argue if masturbation addiction is a real issue. Everyone does have sexual urges, and masturbation has several health benefits. These include:

  1. Reducing stress
  2. Releasing sexual tension
  3. Helping sleep better
  4. Improving self-esteem and body image
  5. Treating sexual issues
  6. Strengthening muscles in pelvic areas

Masturbation can also help you get to know yourself better, including your likes and dislikes. And the most obvious benefit: it's fun, and it feels good. 

However, like any other addiction, doing too much of something can have very real negative impacts on your life. There are several signs that it could be turning into a negative masturbation addiction. It might become problematic if:

  1. Your home, school, work, or personal life is suffering because of your masturbation habits.
  2. Masturbating takes up all of your time and energy.
  3. You're late to important meetings, or you cancel events just to masturbate.
  4. You masturbate in public because you are too impatient to get home.
  5. You masturbate even when you aren't aroused — even if you don't want to
  6. You feel guilty or upset after masturbating.
  7. When you're feeling negative emotions, such as depression, anxiety, anger, stress, or sadness, you immediately compensate by masturbating.
  8. You can't stop thinking about masturbating.

While these aren't hard and set laws that you have a problem with, they are signs that you should be slowing down or stopping masturbation.

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UPGUYS ED Meds: Simple & Discreet
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Negative Effects of Excessive Masturbation

If you can't stop masturbating excessively, it can lead to several different issues, physically, mentally, and socially.

It's important to note that this doesn't happen overnight. Most of the time, people gradually begin to masturbate more and more until they find that they can't stop the urge to masturbate. At this point, it is usually combined with other problems in life, addiction disorders, and mental health disorders.

Too much masturbation can lead to negative effects like:

  1. Edema (swelling)
  2. Skin irritation
  3. Social isolation
  4. Stress
  5. Loss of interest in activities that you once enjoyed
  6. Excessive pornography addiction
  7. Inability to connect with or have intercourse with a sexual partner
  8. Lower self-esteem
  9. Depression and anxiety
  10. Hair loss
  11. Possibility of getting infections or injuries from sex toys
  12. Possibility of legal issues from masturbating in public

This is not an exhaustive list. The situation depends from person to person and on the intensity of their masturbation addiction. 

How To Stop Masturbating

If you feel like you have been experiencing any of the symptoms or problems listed, you've probably asked yourself: should I stop masturbating? 

If you feel like it is having a detrimental effect on your life, the good news is there are ways to help control your urges. Some strategies work better than others, but the most important thing is your motivation and commitment to making a change. 

Let's take a look at several strategies on how to stop the urge to masturbate.

1- Talk About It With Your Romantic Partner or Someone You Trust

One of the best strategies when dealing with any kind of addiction is being able to speak openly about it with someone you trust. They can help give you emotional support and even validate your feelings by connecting with similar feelings. They can also help you track your progress. 

Although it might be a taboo subject, just about everyone masturbates. Talking about it with someone you trust will make you feel less alone. 

With your romantic partner, it's always a good idea to be on the same page. Otherwise, it can lead to even worse issues, like performance anxiety or other issues in the bedroom. 

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2- Limit Time Alone

Most of the time, masturbation is something you do when you're alone. It's an easy equation: the more time you spend alone = the more opportunities there are to masturbate = the more you'll give into the urge to masturbate. 

Spend more time outdoors and with friends to stay away from dangerous situations.

3- Stop Watching Porn

Nowadays, most people masturbate while watching porn. Porn has a powerful effect on your mentality by stimulating the pleasure pathway in your brain. Although it is highly debated whether porn is actually good or bad for people, there's no doubt that it can be incredibly powerful and addicting.

The best solution would be to try and avoid such a powerful tool that leads to your masturbation. This can include putting internet blockers on pornography websites, avoiding them on your own, or spending time in public where it is not allowed.

Increased use of porn can lead to a pornography addiction along with your masturbation addiction.

4- Change Your Routine

Although it can also happen spontaneously, most people tend to have a routine where they masturbate at certain times of the day. It might be:

  1. When you wake up
  2. When you shower
  3. When you come home from work or school
  4. Right before you sleep

No matter what it is, try to change your routine. For example, if you feel the urge to masturbate during a long, hot shower, try to take a quick, cold shower. If it's in the morning, try getting up immediately with your alarm and starting your day.

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5- Set Goals and Mark Progress

Quitting any daunting addiction can seem impossible at first, but everything is a gradual process. Start small at first. You can try cutting down the number of times you masturbate on a daily or weekly basis.

Try to set SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely). This will help you track exactly what you're aiming for with no vagueness. 

The more you progress, the more confidence you'll build. As time goes on, things will get easier. It's also important to remember that setbacks always happen, but that's okay. You can always get back on track. 

6- Speak With a Professional

Speaking with a professional is one of the best ways to get over an issue that's troubling you. There are several addiction specialists and counsellors available for masturbation addiction. 

Therapists are equipped with the knowledge, tools, and experience to help you work through problems, especially when it comes to internal emotions like depression, shame, and anxiety. 

7- Find a Support Group

If you still want to find other ways to connect and share with like-minded people, finding a support group could be a great answer. Although it might be a taboo subject, there are millions of people who have gone through something similar to what you're going through.

Finding other similar people can help you work through issues and give you ideas on how to turn down bad habits. It can help you feel validated and lower feelings of guilt.

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What Happens When You Stop Masturbating?

Although there is no concrete proof that stopping masturbating is good for you, you may notice a few benefits, depending on how frequently you masturbate or how addicted you may feel. 

Socially, you may find that you have more time for your friends, family, and life events.

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UPGUYS ED Meds: Simple & Discreet
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On the flip side, you might feel increased amounts of stress and tension from not being able to release. You might find it harder to sleep or concentrate on important tasks.

You might have heard of "NoFap," which is an anti-masturbation movement. Supporters of this movement say that there are several health benefits to not masturbating, but it is important to note that none of these benefits have actually been proven.

They claim to gain:

  1. Higher focus on their work and relationships
  2. Depression relief
  3. Increase sperm count
  4. Overall health improvements 

However, this is highly disputed in the medical community and has not been proven.

The truth of the matter is that you need to decide for yourself if masturbation is causing issues in your life. Speak to a doctor for more information on the subject.

Healthy Substitutes To Stop Masturbation

A key part of how to stop masturbation addiction is finding healthy activities to replace it.

When it comes to finding substitutes, there are endless activities that you can choose to keep you busy. What works for someone else might not work for you.

Try to find something that works with your unique schedule and needs to keep your mind off of masturbation. Let's take a look at a few examples.

1- Meditation or Yoga

Meditation is a powerful mental activity that has several benefits for your mind and body. It can help you nurture your mind/body/spirit pathway and help stop the urge to masturbate. By focusing on positive thoughts, meditation could be a great activity to take your mind off of bad habits. Yoga is another great option.

2- Weight Lifting or Exercise

Weightlifting is a dopamine stimulator that can help you become healthier and stronger. It can also replace certain types of stimulation that you get from masturbating. 

3- Reading

Building a healthy mind is important as well. Reading can help you build discipline and delay gratification. You'll feel sharper and might even find that your memory improves.

4- Improve Your Skills

You can never stop learning. Try to find a new discipline, hobby, or skill to start building. There are tons of free online courses that will not only distract you from masturbating but will help you improve skills that can help you in other facets of your life.

Final Words: When To Seek Professional Help

That's everything you need to know about when and how to stop masturbation. 

Masturbation is an incredibly personal act that most people do alone, but you don't need to face compulsive masturbation alone. Know that it is a perfectly normal activity and that many people go through the same issues that you're going through.

After you absorb all of the necessary (and real) information on the subject, it's a matter that you need to decide for yourself. Talk to someone you trust, like a loved one or a doctor, to help you decide what your next step should be. 

If masturbation is affecting your sex life and you need other products or information to help you through it, don't hesitate to check out what we have today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Here are a few more frequently asked questions about masturbation. 

1- Should You Completely Stop Masturbation?

Masturbation is a completely normal activity for men (and women) and even has several health benefits associated with it. However, if you masturbate excessively to the point where it is getting in the way of other parts of your life, it may be time to slow down. 

2- Why Can't I Stop Masturbating?

Masturbation releases dopamine, which allows you to feel sexual pleasure. Once you are done masturbating, your body releases endorphins. These are both stress relievers that make you feel good, which can be addictive.

3- What Is a "Normal" Amount of Times To Masturbate?

There is no "normal" amount — everyone is different. Some people might masturbate more than once a day, while others only do it every few weeks. As long as it doesn't cause detriment in other parts of your life, it can be considered normal.


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