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Measure Up: Is There An Average Penis Size By Race?

UPGUYS > Blog > Sex > Measure Up: Is There an Average Penis Size by Race?
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Written by the UPGUYS Editorial Team
Published on September 22, 2022

In the realm of sexual health, particularly in Canada, where erectile dysfunction treatments are sought by many, the topic of penis size often emerges alongside concerns about performance and physical attributes.

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While there is curiosity about whether penis size varies by race, it's important to note that such differences are generally slight and predominantly based on geographical regions rather than race per se. This article aims to shed light on these variations, reassuring most men that they fall within the normal size ranges, even if they perceive themselves as having a smaller-than-average size compared to others.

Factors such as fat distribution and grooming habits like shaving pubic hair can affect the perceived size of an erect penis, often leading to misconceptions. Furthermore, flaccid lengths are not reliable indicators of erect size.

As we explore the average penis sizes, it's crucial to remember that size is just one aspect of sexual health and not a determinant of sexual satisfaction or ability, especially considering the availability of effective erectile dysfunction treatments in Canada. Stay tuned to learn more about the average penis sizes by country and the distinction between fact and fiction in this often-misunderstood area of human anatomy. 

In this article, we talk about the following:

Penis Size by Race

Generally speaking, some surveys suggest women prefer penis sizes around 6.3 inches for long-term partners. Women's preferences on their average penis size can affect men's confidence in the bedroom and make many feel like they are lagging behind the average.

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UPGUYS ED Meds: Simple & Discreet
UPGUYS ED Meds: Simple & Discreet
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UPGUYS ED Meds: Simple & Discreet

Erect penis size does fluctuate by country, with Canada falling in the top fifteen. The country with the largest erect penis size is Ecuador, at 17.61 cm or 6.93 inches. The next top four countries and their erect penis sizes are:

  1. Cameroon (16.67 cm or 6.56 inches)
  2. Bolivia (16.51 cm or 6.5 inches)
  3. Sudan (16.47 cm or 6.48 inches)
  4. Haiti (16.01 cm or 6.3 inches)

On the contrary, the country with the smallest erect penis is Cambodia. In males in Cambodia, the average erect penis length is 10.04 cm or 3.95 inches. The next countries with the smallest penis are:

  1. Burma (10.7 cm or 4.21 inches)
  2. Taiwan (10.78 cm or 4.24 inches)
  3. Philippines (10.85 cm or 4.27 inches)
  4. Sri Lanka (10.89 cm or 4.29 inches)

In Canada, the average erect penis length is 15.71 cm. So, what is the average penis size by race? On average, men of African descent have larger penises than Eastern Asia or even Caucasian men. 

Average Penis Size by Race

You may wonder, is there a penis size chart by race, or how can you determine if you fall under your group's "average"? Unfortunately, although there are averages, there are variations in race and ethnicity. On average, nearly 68% of men have concerns regarding their penis size. 

And when researchers actually looked at race and penis size, the differences were fairly insignificant. Most penis size worries stem from misconceptions about how large a penis should be based on media and outsider interpretations.

Who has the largest penis? The answer is a bit more convoluted than you may think, but the average penis size is around six inches when erect and is primarily based on genetics. Other factors that can contribute to penis size are testosterone during puberty. 

Remember, it is common for your penis to shrink with age. Weight gain and prostate surgery can also give the appearance your penis is smaller. Injury and age can result in physical penis changes no matter what race you fall under.

Men's Height vs. Penis Size

Despite what you may hear, penis size is not based on height. Experts found that height, shoe size, and the amount of masturbation do not play a role in your erect penis size

Instead, a man with an average-sized penis may appear smaller if they are exceptionally tall. The opposite holds true for men on the shorter end of the spectrum. 

However, taking height out of the equation, the majority of men would prefer a larger penis. In studies, researchers found approximately 45% to 68.3% of men wanted a larger penis (usually greater than six inches when erect). 

Penis Size FAQs

There are several misconceptions about average penis sizes. Even studies vary on average lengths, with most ranging between five to six inches. We have compiled a few FAQs to help you stay informed. 

1- What's Considered a Large Penis?

Unfortunately, there are no direct parameters on what a "large penis" means, and it mostly comes down to partner comfortability and self-confidence. In most instances, it is likely you have an average size penis. From one of the most recent studies in 2015, a 6.3-inch erect penis is in the 95th percentile

2- What's the Difference Between an Erect and Flaccid Penis?

Measuring your flaccid penis likely won't give you good estimates of average penis size. There are two types of males:

  • Men who "show"
  • Men who "grow"

Men may have less difference between their flaccid and erect penis, but the initial starting point can give the appearance that they have a large penis. Instead, measuring your penis when erect will give you the most accurate baseline against other males and races. 

Measuring your penis is helpful for condom sizing and optimal sexual health. First, you will want to measure the girth of your penis. Next, measure your erect penis, starting at the base. 

3- What Is a Micropenis?

A micropenis or small penis is an abnormally small penis. It is extremely rare and occurs during fetal development.

In North America, micropenis measures under 3.65 inches when erect or stretched. You can also have a micropenis diagnosis if you have a penis more than 2.5 standard deviations outside the normal range based on age. 

Typically, it interferes with sexual penetration and psychological health. If it doesn't interfere with daily life or sexual satisfaction, there might not be any concerns. Usually, micropenis is fixed via penis enlargement surgery. 

When Should You Worry About Your Penis Size?

There are some slight differences in penis size by race, with African countries averaging longer penis lengths than Asian countries. Yet, most differences arise based on genetics. Additionally, an inability to maintain or get an erection can also cause psychological distress and skew your viewpoint. 

Erection difficulties are different than average penis sizes and are best addressed by a qualified medical practitioner. At UPGUYS, we want to help you regain your confidence. Check out the rest of our blog to get more information!


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