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Stay Hard: 11 Tips To Have A Stronger Erection

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Written by the UPGUYS Editorial Team
Published on March 07, 2022
Last Updated on September 21, 2022

Let's face it – as men, we place heavy emphasis on our sexuality and virility. Your ability to have a stronger erection in the bedroom helps you have stronger self-esteem and a positive self-image. 

Close to 50% of men deal with erectile dysfunction (ED). It's easy to lose confidence when you feel deficient in the bedroom. 

A man's sex life often mirrors his overall life. With sexual confidence, you'll also have confidence at work and show up as a pillar of strength in your family. 

Here are some tips to have stronger erection quality that we'll discuss in this article:

1- Change Your Diet and Lifestyle for Stronger Erections

You are what you eat. When you're figuring out how to stay hard longer, consider what you're putting into your body. Focus on eating foods that nourish and empower you while cutting out those that take away from you. 

Eating healthy foods can help you eliminate high blood pressure, increase blood flow, reduce high cholesterol levels, and expand your blood vessels. 

Foods like lentils help your body produce more nitric oxide. This gas opens your blood vessels and improves circulation so that you can sustain stiffer firmer erections. You'll get the same types of benefits from hemp seeds, avocados, garbanzo beans, and other superfoods. 

The Mediterranean Diet can help you eat foods that improve your erection quality. This diet can increase blood flow, increase protein, and fuel you with healthy calories. Many guys are also going Keto or using the Paleo diet. 

A nutritious diet can also help you with hair growth, weight loss, and daily energy. Find out what works for you and start tracking your calories and nutrients in an app. 

2- Explore Tips to Have Stronger Erection Quality With Your Sexual Partner

Keep in mind that so much of it is mental when you're learning how to have stronger erection quality. It's not a coincidence that people call the brain the most important sex organ. 

Your brain starts the arousal process. The stages of arousal include excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. It's easier to move from stage to stage when your mind is clear, and your thoughts are unobstructed.

Your brain can be your greatest sexual enemy if you're too stuck in your head. Open the floor to some open and honest conversations with your sexual partner. 

Let them know your thought processes, concerns, and desires. It would shock you to see how much sexual pressure goes by the wayside when you clear the air with your partner. 

If they love you, they'll go out of their way to make you feel comfortable so that you can relax and enjoy the moment. 

Men often develop erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation when dealing with performance anxiety. Leave no stone unturned so that the two of you can explore each other's wildest fantasies without judgment and apprehension. 

3- Switch Up your Sex Routines

It's easy to get stuck in a rut when you have the same old sex the same old way every single time. Switch up sex positions when you're learning how to get a harder erection performance. 

There's nothing like a bit of doggy-style sex if you want to heighten the thrill. It gives optimal g-spot stimulation and friction with the way your penis is positioned. 

Doing it doggy style also lets you enjoy a beautiful view, and you'll stay turned on as your hands can explore breasts or give a nice spank. You can also relax and just enjoy the sensations with positions like reverse cowgirl and 69. 

Positions aside, mix it up with some roleplay or grab some sex board games that spice things up. The sky is the limit, so never get complacent with how you approach sex. 

4- Start Hitting the Weights

If you're trying to figure out ways to get a harder erection performance, look no further than your nearest weight room. A strong and fit man will have a strong libido and no problem getting firm erections. 

You'll notice your sex drive ramp up when you're building muscle mass and increasing testosterone through regular weight training. Strength training is also beneficial to your overall health, which is reason enough to hit the gym at least five times per week. You'll improve your bone density, have stronger mental health, and enjoy a fuller, sounder sleep at night. 

Build a weight set in your home so that you never have to worry about getting a workout. It's easy to let your workouts go by the wayside when you have to fight traffic and deal with crowds at the gym.

Exercise your glutes with squats, lunges, and other exercises. Strong glutes help to stabilize your pelvis, increase lower body blood flow, and achieve firmer erections. This is your body's largest muscle group, and it'll help you become a fitness powerhouse. 

Buy some resistance bands that you can use in a pinch whenever you can't make it out to the gym. Keep a strict workout schedule whether you're home or on the road so that you can become the powerhouse that you need to be. 

5- Add Cardio to Your Regimen

Cardio is key when you're searching for tips to get harder erections. A healthy heart is essential for penis health. It's easy to circulate blood and fill up the blood vessels in your penis when you regularly do cardio workouts. 

Install a treadmill or stationary bike in your home fitness room so that you're always able to give your heart a workout. You'll find yourself saluting the sun with rigid morning erections when you're constantly working your heart. 

These workouts will also give you the endurance you need to go several rounds. 

6- Meditate, De-Stress and Relax

Few things hamper the mood as much as stress. When stress is allowed to pile up, it can lead to sexual dysfunction, low libido, and other problems. 

Meditation is like medication when you're trying to eliminate stress. It de-escalates your fight or flight response and lets you relax and enjoy the moment. Take about 20 minutes each day to sit in one place and simply breathe. 

Notice whenever your mind wanders, and gently bring your attention back to your breath. This simple practice builds the mental muscles needed to live in the moment. 

While you're at it, make sure you're cutting out vices that can hinder your health and well-being. Reduce or eliminate your alcohol consumption and quit smoking. Get rid of any negative media or relationships in your life that contribute to your stress levels as well. 

7- Optimize Your Sleep Life

It would shock you to know how many erectile dysfunction ED issues result from simply not taking care of yourself. A lack of sleep or sleep quality is one of the main ways people neglect their health. 

You can retain energy and vigour in your life when you get your sleep under control. Schedule a bedtime and stick to it so that you always get 7 to 9 hours of sleep. 

Invest in a sleep mask or blackout your room so that it's as dark as possible, and install a pod device that can play ambient sounds as you sleep. 

8- Consider Some Herbal Supplements

Several herbal supplements will help you have stiffer, firmer erections. Sea moss is catching on in popularity because it provides all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that you need daily. 

It's known for its fertility benefits and gives your body plenty of iron while also helping blood flow. Cayenne pepper extract is another great supplement to take because of the way it improves your circulation. 

Some other great supplements for sexual health include ginseng, Yohimbe, bladderwrack, and Tongkat Ali. 

9- Make Sure You're Staying Hydrated

It isn't easy to enjoy any semblance of health when you're not properly hydrated. Water makes up the majority of our bodily processes and lubricates our joints, muscles, and organs. 

Hydration also helps with blood circulation so that you're able to have stiffer erections. 

10- Overcome Sexual Hangups and Blockages

Get a handle on any sexual hangups or discomfort that you might have. It's worthwhile to speak to a therapist to uncover any trauma or self-esteem issues you may have. 

They can help you get to the root of any mental blocks that might lead to sexual aversions or performance anxiety. The more you can embrace sex as a whole, the more fulfilling your sexual relationships will become. 

11- Consider Some Medications to Help You Stay Hard

Consult with your doctor when figuring out ways to have stronger erection quality. Your medical professional can run tests, check your testosterone, and explore solutions. Visit your local medical center or book a telemedicine consultation to get a prescription for medications that can help you last longer. 

Key Takeaways

These tips to have stronger erection quality will help you so much in your life. When you get your sex life under control, it'll open doors to fulfillment that you never thought possible. 


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