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The Worst Foods For Erectile Dysfunction

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Written by the UPGUYS Editorial Team
Published on June 03, 2022

Did you know that most Canadian men are not eating the right foods for their bodies? Food and nutrition play such a critical role in general health, so consuming a healthy diet is very important for wellbeing. 

Regularly eating food that is not nutritious can lead to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, respiratory illness, diabetes, and more. Also, eating a poor diet can exacerbate other medical conditions you already have or are predisposed to.

One condition that is worsened by poor diet or by eating the wrong foods is erectile dysfunction (ED). Obesity and erectile dysfunction are closely related, so consuming unhealthy foods contributes directly to ED.

With so many men having erectile dysfunction and using Canada Viagra pills, it is important to know what foods can actually worsen this condition.

In this article, we talk about the following: 

  1. The 15 worst foods for erectile dysfunction
  2. Foods you can eat that help with erectile dysfunction
  3. Other ways to improve erectile dysfunction

Keep reading to find out more about the impact of food on erectile dysfunction. 

The 15 Worst Foods for Erectile Dysfunction

Did you know that half of Canadian men over age 40 experience erectile dysfunction? With ED being such a prevalent issue, there is a chance that many men are consuming foods that worsen their ED without even realizing it.

Though a variety of factors may cause erectile dysfunction, diet may contribute to or worsen ED. Here are 15 of the worst foods for erectile dysfunction.

1- Alcohol

Though alcohol is a beverage and not necessarily a food, it is one of the worst things you can consume for erectile dysfunction. Even in men who do not have chronic ED, alcohol is bad for erections. In fact, about 72% of those with alcohol dependence also suffer from erectile dysfunction. 

Because alcohol consumption and erectile dysfunction are clearly linked, you want to avoid it when you can. Particularly when you're planning on having sex, it's best to avoid alcohol beforehand. This will help you avoid any issues with getting an erection. 

2- Soda

Sugar is another food that causes impotence. In fact, prolonged and excessive sugar consumption may cause permanent problems with getting an erection. 

Most sodas you see today are high in sugar, so it's best to avoid them. If you have issues with blood sugar already or are diabetic, you definitely want to cut out sugary sodas. Not only can sugary food cause erectile dysfunction, but diabetes itself can also cause erection issues.

3- Canned and Frozen Foods

Consuming excessive amounts of canned and frozen foods can cause or worsen erectile dysfunction. This is not necessarily due to the food itself but rather the sodium content of the packaged items. 

Food containing salt can cause erectile dysfunction. Many prepackaged and canned items contain high quantities of sodium, which is linked to issues like hypertension (high blood pressure). 

There is a correlation between elevated blood pressure and ED, so if you want to avoid these complications, try cutting down on frozen foods that can cause erectile dysfunction. And if you do need to have frozen or canned foods, try picking items that have lower sodium content when possible. 

4- Soy

Soy can be good for your body, but everything must come in moderation. Excessive soy consumption has been linked to erectile dysfunction. Soy in moderation should have no impact on your health or on your sex life, but excessive amounts of this food product can cause impotence. 

Tofu, soymilk, and artificial meats (vegetarian/vegan meats) typically contain soy. Though consuming these foods in smaller portions is acceptable, excessive consumption of soy-containing foods can be bad for erections. 

5- Cold Cuts and Deli Meats

Not all cold cuts are bad for ED. However, some cold cuts are highly processed or even smoked and contain high quantities of sodium. This can lead to issues with erectile dysfunction if not consumed in moderation. 

Some deli meats that are high in sodium are ham, salami, and smoked fish. Though some brands offer low-sodium options for these meats, try to limit how often you eat these products to avoid issues. 

6- Bacon

Bacon is another food that causes impotence. Bacon is high in sodium, which is a known contributor to erectile dysfunction. 

Additionally, bacon can also raise cholesterol due to its high-fat content. High cholesterol is another medical condition that scientists have linked with erectile dysfunction

So, for your health and for your erection, you should try to avoid bacon. 

7- Pizza

Pizza, especially when topped with pepperoni (a cured meat), can contribute to erectile dysfunction. 

Pizza contains dairy, which is known to increase estradiol in individuals. Estradiol is a female hormone, so increased amounts of this over a long period of time can lead to erectile dysfunction. Though calcium found in dairy is good for your health, dairy should be consumed in moderation.

Pizza may be one of the worst foods for erectile dysfunction. Pizza dough contains "refined carbohydrates" that are high in sugar and low in nutrients, making them a poor choice for anyone who is concerned about ED. 

8- Mint

Mint is a surprising food that can cause erectile dysfunction. Studies have been done that have linked the consumption of mint, peppermint, and spearmint to increased occurrences of erectile dysfunction.

Some foods that contain mint are tea, gum, and desserts. Try to limit your consumption of these products, as these foods can cause ED. 

9- Deep-Fried Foods

Deep-fried foods are unhealthy in general, but these foods can cause erectile dysfunction, too. 

The fats and grease that are used to deep fry foods can cause many health problems that are correlated to erectile dysfunction. Some commonly deep-fried foods are chicken, corn dogs, and beignets. 

The next time you're craving fried food, maybe opt for using an air fryer instead. This will avoid the excessive oil consumption that goes along with eating fried foods.  

10- White Bread

White bread contains high amounts of refined carbohydrates and sugars. Though these components give white bread its signature taste, they also are common in foods that cause impotence. 

Other bread, especially those containing nutrients and healthy grains, is a much better alternative for those who are experiencing erectile dysfunction. 

11- Ice Cream

Though ice cream is a staple dessert, it also is a food that can cause erectile dysfunction when eaten in excess. This food's high sugar and dairy content makes it a bad food for erection. 

Thankfully, now more than ever before, there are many low-sugar and dairy-free ice cream options available. This may be a good idea if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction but craving something sweet. 

12- Candy

Most candies contain high sugar levels and, therefore, are not the best option for those with erectile dysfunction. 

If your sweet tooth is acting up, but you're also concerned about ED, be sure to check the sugar amounts listed on the back of the candy packaging. Some candies contain lower sugar content, which may be a great alternative for you if you're dealing with erectile dysfunction. 

13- Microwaveable Popcorn

Though plain or salted popcorn is perfectly fine, microwaveable popcorn is loaded with sodium and oils that are bad for erectile dysfunction. 

Popping popcorn on the stovetop or in an air-popper can be a great alternative that can satisfy your popcorn cravings without putting a damper on your sex life.

14- Fast Food

Fast food is one of the types of foods that can cause ED. It often contains excessive amounts of sodium, sugars, trans fats, and refined carbohydrates, making it a recipe for disaster when it comes to erectile dysfunction. 

Additionally, many of these overly-processed fast foods contain hormones and other harmful ingredients that can make these foods bad for erections and your body. 

15- Butter

Too much of a good thing can lead to more harm than good. This is the case when it comes to butter. 

Though butter can add a savoury and creamy element to any dish, it can also put a damper on activities in the bedroom if consumed excessively. This is due to the fat and dairy content of many foods that contain butter. 

worst foods for erectile dysfunction
A list of the worst foods for erectile dysfunction.

Click here for the large size.

What Can You Eat?

After reading this list, you're probably wondering: "Well, what can I eat?" 

No one wants you never to enjoy an ice cream cone or a BLT ever again. But try to avoid these foods when you can to lessen your erectile dysfunction. 

Additionally, there are many other foods that you can eat that may actually improve erectile dysfunction. Some of these foods include:

  1. Fruits
  2. Berries 
  3. Coffee
  4. Oatmeal
  5. Fish
  6. Unsalted nuts

Not only this, but some foods can even help increase your sperm count. This boosts your fertility and can help improve your hormone balance and decrease the effects of erectile dysfunction. 

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Is There Anything Else You Can Do?

Though changing your diet is a great and effective way to decrease erectile dysfunction, eliminating foods that cause erectile dysfunction is not the only thing that can help you with your ED. 

If you're experiencing erectile dysfunction, you may want to see a doctor. Consulting with a medical professional may be the exact step you need to take to rid yourself of erectile dysfunction.

Doctors can prescribe a variety of medications that may greatly improve your erectile dysfunction. 

Key Takeaways

After reading this article about the worst foods for erectile dysfunction, you should remember that some foods are better to avoid. Not only will avoiding these foods improve your general health, but they can also help improve the effects of erectile dysfunction. 

It is important to know that erectile dysfunction is common and treatable. You don't have to deal with this on your own, either. 

This article is written for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information provided in the articles cannot and should not replace advice from a healthcare professional. Talk to your healthcare provider about any physical or mental health concerns or the risks and benefits of any treatment or medication.