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12 Of The Best Anal Sex Positions To Spice Up Your Sex Life

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Written by the UPGUYS Editorial Team
Published on October 09, 2022

Anal sex isn't the taboo subject it once was.

Nowadays, more and more men and women are enjoying butt play in the bedroom. It can be an incredibly fun and enjoyable way to spice things up in the bedroom. 

However, it can be a little intimidating if you and your partner are first-timers. In this article, we'll cover some of the best anal sex positions that you and your partner can try out. In this article, we'll cover:

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Foreplay for Anal Sex

Before we jump into the best sex positions for anal, it's crucial to cover foreplay for anal sex first — especially if it's your first time. While you might think anal just means sticking your thing in your partner's butt, you need to make sure it will be a safe and pleasurable experience for both the giver and the receiver.

If it's your first time trying out sex positions for anal, you should keep a few things in mind. 

First, start slowly and with small "tools." Start by playing around with your fingers before getting to the big leagues.

Just start with the sensitive outer rim of the butthole before using your penis, dildo, or strap-on. This can even be the main event — if you and your partner enjoy this, you don't have to penetrate afterward.

Another very important tool: the lube! It will be your best friend when it comes to anal. 

Also, never switch from butt sex back to the vagina, as you can transfer harmful bacteria that you don't want there (so if you want to do both, start with the vagina and get your fill first).

Some other safety tips and things to remember:

  1. It shouldn't hurt, so make sure to prepare properly and communicate with your partner throughout the process
  2. Anal sex isn't as dirty as people think — very little fecal matter stays in the anus and lower part of the rectum
  3. Eating a high-fibre diet can help you move your system with regularity and keep your back parts clean
  4. Try to "go" beforehand and clean properly

If you ever experience any severe pain or digestion problems afterward, make sure to see a doctor for medical advice. 

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12 of the Best Anal Sex Positions

Now that we've covered the basics, let's get into the good stuff. Here are a few different anal sex positions that both beginners and veterans can try out in the bedroom.

1- Lap Dance

This is considered by many to be the easiest position for anal sex. It's easy to do, which makes it great for those that are new to the game.

The giver can simply sit on a comfortable surface like the end of the bed or a chair and have the receiver back up and "sit" on them.

You can use your hand to play with the parts down there and ease the penis in. The receiver can control how deep they want to sit on their partner. To spice it up, the receiver can reach back and grab their partner or play with their clitoris or their partner's balls.

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2- Lying Doggy

Here's another one that you can file under easy anal sex positions. It's a good one for shallow penetration.

Going shallow is great for beginners, but it's not less satisfying. Most of the nerves in the anus are right in the first two inches of the opening, meaning you can get all the pleasure without going too deep.

Have your partner lie on their stomach while you lie directly on top of them and enter them from behind. You can easily tease your partner and work your way in.

If you want to get a little wilder, you can add a vibrator to the mix and use it while the partner is lying down.

3- Backdoor Missionary

Anal sex can be done in some of the classic positions, as well. Most of the time, anal sex positions have you and your partner facing the opposite way. Backdoor missionary allows you to have eye contact, which can add a lot of intimacy to the process.

Lay your partner on their back and enter the back door in the missionary position. You can add a pillow under your partner's hips to get some extra leverage.

4- Back It Up

If you're looking for good anal sex positions where you're standing, this is the one for you. 

Have your partner lie across the edge of your bed or a suitable surface with their butt facing you. Stand next to the surface and insert your penis into their butt. Your partner can swivel their hips to control the motion and speed. 

This is another great one for shallow penetration. You can use a pillow or sex wedge to change up the angles and direction of penetration.

5- Spoon

This could be the best position for first-time anal sex. Why? Because it's easy and comfortable, and there's a lot of skin-on-skin contact, which makes it really hot.

Have both partners lie on their sides, facing the same direction. Have the front partner bring up their knees slightly, allowing the back partner to slide in like a puzzle piece and enter from the back.

This position allows for a lot of foreplay. The front partner can rub up against the penis and stimulate each other before jumping fully in. This could qualify as the most comfortable position for anal sex. 

6- Piledriver

This one put's the giver firmly in control, so if your partner likes being dominated (or you like dominating), this could be one of the best positions for anal sex. 

This one might be a little bit more advanced. Your partner will need a little bit of flexibility and lower back strength. 

To set this one up, have your partner lie on their back. Grab their legs and push them all the way back so that their ankles are by their head. With your partner in this vulnerable position, you can squat over them and anally enter them. Then just squat up and down to thrust in and out. 

7- The High Chair

Here's another that you can add to your list of anal sex positions for men that enjoy standing during sex. 

To do this one, you'll need a high chair for your partner to sit on. As they sit, have them stick their butt out. Then you can adjust your height by standing, kneeling, or squatting to match the height of the chair. 

Grab your partner's waist or shoulders and thrust in and out. For better sturdiness, do this in front of a counter or wall so that your partner has something to push up against.

8- Burning Man Position

If you like pounding away during anal sex, you'll like this one. This one puts you firmly in control while standing.

To do this, you'll need a table, sofa, or any other type of surface that your partner can lean on top of. Ideally, it will be the right height of your crotch so that you don't need to squat. 

This gives you the perfect position to thrust away from behind. Give them something comfortable to lean on so that it doesn't hurt them, like a pillow or a blanket.

9- See Saw Position

Looking for positions for anal sex where you can see eye-to-eye? The See Saw is a great one for that.

To do this, sit down on your bed and put your hands behind you to keep yourself upright. Have your partner sit down on your lap facing you, with their legs spread out towards your arms. 

In this position, you won't have much leverage to thrust, so it's up to the receiver on top to do most of the work. 

10- Doggy Style

Can't have an anal sex positions list without doggy style. Have your partner go down on their hands and knees and spread their legs out. Simply enter them from behind while grabbing them by the waist, hips, shoulders, or hair.

11- The Speed Bump

Here's a unique one: if you have an exercise ball, you can spice things up by doing The Speed Bump. 

Have your partner lie on top of the exercise ball on their stomach and keep their legs close together. You can split your legs over her and thrust in through the back door. Hold on to their waist or hips to keep balanced.

12- Jockey

Here's another great one for the control freaks out there. 

Have your partner lie on their stomach with their legs together. They can put a pillow beneath their crotch to raise their butt in the air and give you a better angle for entry.

Then straddle your partner while leaning over them (like a jockey) and enter from behind. This position gives you lots of control and the ability to pound hard — if that's what you and your partner enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have more questions about anal sex? Let's take a look at some frequently asked questions.

What Anal Sex Positions Are Recommended for Beginners?

The best anal sex positions for beginners are the ones that are easy to do and comfortable. Try out the Lap Dance, Doggy Style, Spoon, or Backdoor Missionary. Make sure you communicate with your partner to find what works best for you guys.

What Is the Best Position For Anal Sex?

It's all about preference! Everyone is different. Try out different positions and find the best position to have anal sex for you and your partner.

What Is the Least Painful Position For Anal Sex?

Try to stick to one of the easier beginner positions. Anal sex shouldn't hurt, so if it does, try to go slower, smaller, and use lots of lube.

Should I Use Anal Sex Tools?

Using tools for anal can be intimidating. If you want to use them, go slowly and use lots of lube. Make sure everything is clean. You can even try it out by yourself first.

Have Fun in the Backdoor

That's everything you need to know about different anal sex positions. Although it can be a little intimidating at first, it can be one of the hottest ways to spice up your sex life if you're careful and clean.

This article is written for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information provided in the articles cannot and should not replace advice from a healthcare professional. Talk to your healthcare provider about any physical or mental health concerns or the risks and benefits of any treatment or medication.