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How To Go BIG: Your Penis Enlargement Guide

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Written by the UPGUYS Editorial Team
Published on October 04, 2022

In the quest for effective solutions to male sexual health concerns in Canada, the topic of penis enlargement often takes center stage. Driven by societal pressures and the quest for sexual confidence, many men seek out ways to enhance their size, influenced by a culture inundated with notions that bigger is better.

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However, it's crucial to approach this sensitive issue with care and informed decision-making. In this article, we delve into the various methods available for penis enlargement, exploring their effectiveness and potential risks.

We emphasize the importance of consulting with healthcare professionals, especially when considering treatments for erectile dysfunction in Canada. As we navigate the complex landscape of male enhancement options, from surgery to non-invasive techniques, our comprehensive guide provides valuable insights for those considering this personal journey. Join us as we explore this topic in depth.

Table of Contents:

Please note that this is a general informative article only. We recommend consulting a physician before undergoing any of the following. 

What Is the Normal Size of a Penis?

In actuality, research shows that most men who worry about their junk are in the average range.

The average adult penis is between 10 and 18 centimetres when erect. In Canada, the average size is 15.71 centimetres for a man who is 1.78 meters tall. 

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UPGUYS ED Meds: Simple & Discreet
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UPGUYS ED Meds: Simple & Discreet

Of course, some are smaller, and some are larger than average. All are normal. What's more, sexual partners have all different preferences when it comes to penis size.

Though rare, some health conditions can result in a smaller-than-average penis: micropenis and Peyronie's disease. The former is often associated with hormonal imbalances, while the latter is characterized by a bend in the penis that makes it appear smaller. 

Can You Make Your Penis Bigger?

Short of surgery, there is not much you can do to significantly change the size of your penis. There is little scientific evidence to support that the methods we'll discuss in this article will work. Even some surgeries are not guaranteed to work. 

If you are unhappy with your penis size, the most effective thing you can do is shift your perspective. Many men who worry their penis is too small actually fall into the average range but may have a distorted body image. 

On the bright side, there are steps you can take to prevent your penis from getting smaller. Penis shrinkage is a real thing that sometimes happens with age or injury. 

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Can Diet Affect Your Penis Size?

While there is no magic diet or secret ingredient you can ingest to change the size of your penis, losing weight can create the illusion of a larger penis. Think about it this way: because your penis is rooted in the abdominal wall, your manhood will appear larger when there is less fat crowding around the base.

Read more: Unlocking the Mystery of How Age Affects Male Ejaculation

What To Eat and Not To Eat?

If you want to lose fat to create the appearance of a more prominent member, you must consume fewer calories than you burn and follow a healthy diet. 

Strive to eat a diet high in:

  1. Fruits
  2. Vegetables
  3. Lean protein
  4. Eggs
  5. Healthy fats like avocados and nuts

Moderate your intake of the following:

  1. Processed foods
  2. Sugary beverages
  3. White bread
  4. Candy bars
  5. Fruit juices
  6. Excessive alcohol intake 

If you're dealing with erectile dysfunction, there are certain foods you should avoid (click to read more).

Are Pills Really Effective?

There are all kinds of supplements advertised as "male enhancements" that claim to increase penis size. Most penis enlargement medication contains natural ingredients such as yohimbine, maca, horny goat weed, and ginkgo biloba -- but the FDA warns many have unlisted ingredients that could be harmful. 

Luckily, this isn't the case for erectile dysfunction medication. If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, there are several safe options available. 

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UPGUYS ED Meds: Simple & Discreet
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Are There Exercises That Help With Penis Enlargement?

Some men have found success doing penis stretching exercises, or jelqing, to add centimetres. There are two ways to go about penis stretching: manually or using a device, like a penis pump. 

Manual Penis Stretching

Manual stretching involves using the hand to massage the tissue along the shaft. The intended result is to permanently stretch the skin by creating tiny micro-tears in the tissue, not unlike the muscle-building process. 

Penis Stretching Technique #1

Make it a point to do the following motions for about five minutes, once or twice a day, until you see results. 

  1. Gently yet firmly grip your penis head in your hand
  2. Stretch your penis upward for 10 seconds
  3. Pull your penis to the left for 10 second
  4. Repeat, pulling it to the right
  5. Repeat

Penis Stretching Technique #2

The following stretching exercise is meant to be done for two minutes once daily until you are satisfied with the results.

  1. Gently yet firmly grip the head of your penis in your hand
  2. Stretch your penis upward (you should not feel pain)
  3. Using your other hand, press down on the area around the base of the penis 
  4. Hold for 10 seconds
  5. Repeat, pulling your penis to the left while applying pressure to the base on the right
  6. Repeat, pulling your penis to the right while applying pressure to the base on the left

Penis Stretching Technique #3

This exercise should be done for 20-30 minutes, once daily, until you see results. 

  1. Make an "O" shape using your index finger and thumb
  2. Place the "O" at the base of your penis
  3. Squeeze your fingers to put mild pressure on the shaft (not painful)
  4. Slowly move your fingers upwards toward the head 
  5. Release when you reach the tip of your penis
Free Doctor Call & Free Medication Shipping
UPGUYS ED Meds: Simple & Discreet
UPGUYS ED Meds: Simple & Discreet
Get Started Here
UPGUYS ED Meds: Simple & Discreet

Penis Stretching Using a Device

There is more data to support the effectiveness of penis devices, such as:

  1. Penis pumps
  2. Penis extenders/traction devices

Let's take a closer look at each method. 

Penis Pumps

A penis pump is a cylindrical device you place over your dick. An air-sucking attachment pumps air out of the device and pulls blood flow to the penis, causing an immediate erection. Penis pumps typically come with a ring or clamp you wear to help sustain the erection for up to 30 minutes. 

Some anecdotal evidence says that consistent use can increase penis length, but little medical research supports the claims. 

Penis Extenders/Traction Devices 

Penile traction devices, or penis extenders, were developed to treat Peyronie's disease. Men can wear this device under their clothing for several hours at a time to gradually modify the curvature of the penis and add length. 

The two most popular devices on the market are the Andropenis and Golden Erect, which have been around for several years.  

One clinical trial from 2011 found that men who wore Golden Erect for up to 9 hours a day for three months gained up to 1.7 centimetres in length.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

The most effective way to add size is through penis enlargement surgery. We will describe six popular procedures that vary in invasiveness, cost, and recovery time. 

Ligamentolysis: Penile Suspensory Ligament Division

Ligamentolysis surgery aims to make the flaccid penis appear longer by cutting the suspensory ligament. The surgeon will then pull the skin from the abdomen to the penis. Some procedures may involve placing a silicone spacer between the penis and the pubis bone. 

The surgery carries a hefty price tag of $9,000. Risks are scar tissue, painful erections, loss of function, infection, and loss of sensation. 

What's more, the patients in the study were not blown away by the results. The overall satisfaction rate was 35 percent. For patients with penile dysmorphic disorder, the satisfaction rate dipped to 27 percent. 

Implants and Injections: Are They Safe?

Beyond the Penile Suspensory Ligament Division, penile enlargement surgeries involve either implants or injections. Keep reading to learn about the available procedures and the risks and benefits of each. 

Penuma: Penile Implants

Penuma is an enlargement surgery that involves placing a silicone implant under the penile skin to increase the length and girth of the penis. 

The surgeon will make a small incision in your groin through which to insert the implant. The surgery takes about one hour and has a healing period of six weeks. 

Is Penuma effective? A study of 400 patients found that, on average, the patients saw a 56.7% increase in girth. When researchers followed up two to six years later, 72% of patients reported high self-confidence and self-esteem.

Up to 81% of the participants said they had "high" or "very high" satisfaction levels and none of the participants reported any loss of sexual function. 

The biggest downside? The price. Penuma runs $16,000 to $18,000.

Penile Injections

Three types of penile injections are available: Fat Injections, Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections, and Dermal Fillers. Let's learn more about each. 

Fat Injections

This type of penis enlargement procedure focuses on increasing girth. A surgeon liposuctions fat from one part of your body and transfers it into the penis shaft using a syringe. Patients typically experience an increase of about 2.25 centimetres.  

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections

A newer procedure, the "P-shot" method, involves a surgeon injecting your own platelet-rich plasma into your penis over the course of several weeks. The idea is to stimulate blood flow and stretch the suspensory ligament to make your penis look larger. The science is still out, but this new treatment could be promising.

Dermal Fillers

Injecting dermal fillers into your penis is another newer method gaining popularity due to instant results and minimal downtime. Also known as the Shafer Width and Girth Procedure (SWAG), the procedure can add up to 2.5 centimetres in girth -- but the results are temporary. Penile activity increases the metabolism of the fillers and causes them to wear off faster. 

Therefore, patients are advised to avoid having sex or masturbating for some time following the procedure to allow the fillers to integrate with the skin tissue. 

Final Words: Consult With Your Physician Before Taking Action

Whether you're considering undergoing surgery or doing a non-invasive method at home to make your penis bigger, you should consult your physician first. There are plenty of risks involved, so don't make the decision lightly. 

If you need to speak to a practitioner about men's health, fill out the UPGUYS online questionnaire to connect with one of our partners. 

FAQs About Penis Enlargement 

Do you have more questions about ways you can make your penis bigger? Here are some frequently asked questions we get here at UPGUYS. 

When Does a Penis Stop Growing?

Penises stop growing at the end of puberty, or around 18 years of age. The bulk of the growth occurs between the ages of 11 and 15. However, some men experience growth into their early 20s.

Does Working Out and Weight Loss Make Your Penis Bigger?

Losing weight can create the appearance of a larger penis. When you lose fat around the base of your member, it becomes more visible and appears larger. 

Does Viagra Make Your Penis Bigger?

Technically, yes, Viagra does make your penis larger while you have an erection, but we have a feeling that's not what you're asking. The answer is no -- Viagra does not permanently affect penis size. 

Does Masturbating Make Your Penis Bigger?

There is no scientific evidence that masturbation changes penis size. Testosterone levels mildly rise during masturbation, but the changes are insignificant and return to normal after ejaculation. 

Does Having a High Testosterone Level Make the Penis Bigger?

Testosterone plays a vital role in the development of the penis and testes during puberty. However, your final penis size is determined by genetics or race before you're born. Flooding your system with more testosterone will not increase your penis size and can lead to shrinkage of the testicles and decreased sperm production. 

Are Penile Extenders Worth It?

Penile extenders are products men wear under their clothing for several hours a day to stretch the penis gradually. At best, some men report an increase of a couple of centimetres after months of use. To decide for yourself if they are worth it, consider the risk of pain, scarring, and loss of sexual function, plus the discomfort of wearing a device on a sensitive body part for hours at a time.


UPGUYS has strict sourcing guidelines to ensure our content is accurate and current. We rely on peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical associations. We strive to use primary sources and refrain from using tertiary references.

This article is written for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information provided in the articles cannot and should not replace advice from a healthcare professional. Talk to your healthcare provider about any physical or mental health concerns or the risks and benefits of any treatment or medication.