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Sex Positions: The Basics, Best, Hottest, & The Most Fun Positions

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Written by the UPGUYS Editorial Team
Published on October 06, 2022

Around 80% of Canadian men claim that they are sexually active, having sex at least once per week! So there are plenty of opportunities to try out different sex positions. 

But with so much information out there about sex, how do you know which are the best sex positions? 

Luckily, this article is here to give you a detailed breakdown of these areas:

Try some of these with your partner(s), and we guarantee that they will blow your mind. Let's dive into it!

Hot Sex Positions

There are so many amazing things you can try in the bedroom. From basic sex positions to more advanced endeavours, there's something for everyone.

You might wonder, "how many sex positions are there?". The answer is there are 64 unique sex positions in the Karma Sutra, but there are many variations of each one. Let's look at a list of sex positions you can try today!

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Bad Dog

Doggy style is one of the most popular sex positions in the world, and for a good reason. You can get deep penetration, and it stimulates the G-spot. This is an excellent opportunity to admire your partners behind, and give it a slap or two if they like that!

You can also try this position with some restraints, like tying their wrists or ankles together, if they are interested. Make sure that they have something to brace themselves against if you are going to be rough.

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Eyes on the Prize

Eye contact is important during any sexual encounter. Whether you are new to dating or in a long-term relationship, this can turn up the heat in an instant.

In this position, your partner is on her side with her legs open. You then straddle her bottom leg, holding her top leg around your waist or propping it on your shoulder. This will give very deep penetration, as with doggy style, but you get to see her beautiful face.

Taste the Forbidden Fruit

Oral sex positions are something that should be in everyone's repertoire. It can be a great way to shake things up, as part of foreplay or after penetrative sex. Here are some new sex positions for you to try and taste that forbidden fruit.

Face Timing

This is a must for your oral sex positions list. The woman kneels or stands above you, pressing her vulva to your face. This gives her more control over how much pressure she wants.

This means that your hands will be free to go exploring. Use this opportunity to caress her body or use your fingers. It is good for men who might need a little extra time to get physically aroused. You could also masturbate as you enjoy the best view in the house.

Good Vibes Only

One of the best ways to use it is when your partner is in a reclined position, with legs open. This could be on a sofa, the end of the bed, or other furniture. You can get on your hands and knees and worship her with your tongue and fingers. 

Adding sex toys into the mix during oral can be an amazing sensation. Using a vibrator or smaller finger vibrator can be great for any oral sex position. The vibrations will make her orgasm more powerful and will leave her begging for more!

All Tied Up

Using rope or restraints could be another item on your bucket list of consensual sex positions. Lay your partner down, facing upwards, with her wrists bound behind her knees. Make sure she's not bound too tight, though. Otherwise, it could cause pain.

This leaves her in a more vulnerable position, creating a more intense clitoral sensation. Make sure your partner is OK with this position all the way. 

Climax From the Back

Anal sex is a great way to feel different sensations and strengthen your connection. Remember that both parties have to be on board with trying it.

You should also make sure you ease into it so that there aren't any mishaps. Without further ado, here are some of the good sex positions to try when it comes to anal.

Dance For Me

This anal sex position is almost like a lap dance. It is a seated position, with your partner facing away from you. You can use any piece of furniture where your and your partner's feet are flat on the floor. 

This means you can bounce her up and down, and she can steady herself by putting her hands on your thighs. This gives you more control during sex, as you can speed up or slow down the tempo with ease. This can help you last longer and enjoy it more.

If she leans forward, this will give even deeper penetration and excitement. Also, if she opens her legs whilst, in this position, you can stimulate her clitoris at the same time. 

Unlock The Back Door

No anal sex session is complete without analingus. There are two great options for giving a rim job to your partner.

The first is where your partner is on their back, with their knees pulled up to their chest. This leaves you in a great position to perform a rim job, as well as oral sex. You can also still touch the rest of their body, making it a super hot and intimate position.

The other option is for your partner to kneel or stand facing away from you. They can then lower themselves onto your mouth, and you can go to town pleasuring them.

If your partner needs something to support them, they could lean on some furniture.

Sex and Pregnancy

If your partner is pregnant and you still want to have sex, there are some positions you should avoid.

Positions like missionary are OK, as long as you don't lie on top of them for any period of time. You should also avoid sex positions where she is lying on her stomach or back for too long. 

Talk to a practitioner if you have any doubts about what will be safe and comfortable for your partner.  

Take the Drivers Seat

There are some positions in the bedroom that can be quite boring but can transform when done in the car. With the element of risk involved, car sex can be full of exhilarating and fun sex positions. Here are a couple of suggestions to whet your appetite.

Hold Me Tight

This is like missionary, but you are both lying on your side face to face. This is an ideal position for the car, as you will be close together in a small space. 

Drape your top leg over her hips and pull her in, so you are in an embrace-like position. You can always push the front seats back so you have some more support on either side of you. Another option is having a sex pillow stashed in the car, which can be used for extra comfort.

Driving You Crazy

This is a variation on the cowgirl position, where your partner goes on top in the "driving seat." You can either be lying down or seated, depending on where you are in the car. This is ideal if you have a wide back seat.

This position gives her a lot of power, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Weird and Wonderful Sex Positions

Don't get stuck in a rut making the same moves all the time. Here are a couple of weird and wonderful sex positions to shake things up.

Standing Wheelbarrow

This is a pretty wild position, and it is not for the faint-hearted. This is like doggy style, except the woman wraps her legs around, balancing on her hands. 

Try putting your partner into a downward dog position first, with your back against a wall. This can help give stability to this crazy position!

Change Location

All sex positions can be more interesting by trying them in a new place. Try engaging in sex in unusual places! You could try doing it in different rooms around the house, outside, or even going to sex-related events!

The point is to get adventurous, and you will reap the rewards.

A Fling in a Swing

Using a sex swing can be a wonderful way to add a new dimension to common sex positions. Here are some types of sex positions designed for using a swing.

Bouncing Babe

This is an amazing position for those who enjoy cowgirl or reverse cowgirl. Use the straps on the swing on each of your partner's legs, so they can lower themselves onto you. 

Holding onto the straps, they can pull themselves up and down at whatever speed works for both of you. If erectile dysfunction is something that you struggle with, you can go slower with your partner in this position. 

You could also do this position the other way around so that you are lowering yourself into her.

Defying Gravity

Using a sex swing can help to take the pressure off of you. This position is ideal for those who find it more difficult to do lifting sex positions. Your partner will be lying down on her front in the swing with her knees bent. 

This way, you can perform carrying-style moves without bearing the weight. Use the swing to pull her back and forth until it blows your mind!

Gay Sex Positions

There are many ways that you can have spicy sex if you are gay. Here are some sex position names of popular moves you can try with your partner.

Rusty Trombone

The position "69" is one of the people's favourite sex positions. But in this version, there are two penises! You know the drill, one of you lies facing upward, performing oral sex. Then your partner lies or hovers over you in the other direction, pleasuring you as well. 

Cliff Diver

This is a similar position to doggy style, but with a twist! Your partner should be on all fours whilst you penetrate them. You then lift your partner up by the waist or thighs and use your legs to perform strong thrusts. 

Make sure that you use enough lubrication in this position. This prevents friction when moving fast.

Key Takeaways

Having different experiences and trying good sex positions is important. It will keep things spicy and interesting and brings you closer to your partner.

We hope that some of the positions in this article encourage you to try some new sex positions. There is a whole world of excitement for you to explore!

This article is written for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information provided in the articles cannot and should not replace advice from a healthcare professional. Talk to your healthcare provider about any physical or mental health concerns or the risks and benefits of any treatment or medication.