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Steam On Wheels: 7 Car Sex Positions For Couples On The Go

UPGUYS > Blog > Sex > Steam on Wheels: 7 Car Sex Positions for Couples on the Go
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Published on March 03, 2023

A few years back, an AutoTrader survey found that at least 75% of Canadians had experienced having sex in the car before. If you're part of that 75%, then you'll likely understand just how important finding the correct car sex positions can be.

Looking to add a little excitement to your car sex life? Check out these seven car sex positions that are perfect for couples on the go.

In this article, we'll talk about the following:

7 Best Car Sex Positions

Understanding the mechanics of car sex is a crucial part of learning how to successfully and pleasurably have sex in a car. While pleasure and comfort ultimately come down to you, your partner, and your preferences, here are seven great positions for car sex.

1- The Tailgate

Take doggy style to the next level by moving it to the tailgate of your car. If you need more space to move around, the tailgate is a great car sex position for you.

Spread your partner out onto the tailgate of your car and have them lean forward as much as possible. Enter them from behind (or feel free to mix in the positions mentioned below now that you've got a bit more space).

2- Regular Cowgirl

Any cowgirl position can be especially stimulating for women (just make sure she's aroused first). This is because it allows for deeper penetration. And with a row of seats in the back of your car, it's one of the best sex positions for the car.

Have your partner straddle you as you sit comfortably in the backseat. Control their orgasm by moving their hips with your hands. Or let them control the rhythm and depth.

3- Reverse Cowgirl

This is similar to the regular cowgirl position. However, instead of having your partner face you, have them sit on your lap facing forward. This gives your partner more control and flexibility as they can put their hands on your thighs and move around a bit more.

4- Side Saddle

Because you'll be lying down, this is probably the best sex position inside the car that's going to be the most comfortable (if your backseat is deep enough). To accomplish the side saddle, you're going to want to each lie down on your sides facing the same way.

If you need more room or depth, you can opt for a bent knee position. Then, you can penetrate your partner from behind. Like cruise control, this is great for a steady speed and can help you last longer.

5- The Leg-Up

Love missionary but want to up the kink factor? Have your partner lie down in the backseat with their legs entirely raised up in the air. Then, enter them missionary-style. 

This is one of the more comfortable sex positions for the car if your car has a slightly high ceiling (if it doesn't, then keep scrolling for sex positions in a car that's small).

To go deeper, have your partner raise their legs up as close to their own shoulders as possible. Gaze into their eyes and enjoy the steamy moment.

6- Doggy Style

Don't have time to get too creative? Let the danger factor heat things up for you and focus on a tried-and-true sex position that's known to please: doggy style.

Doggy style is easy in a car because you can lean forward onto your partner if you're unable to kneel upright. This enhances intimacy and allows for more skin-on-skin contact.

7- Belt Bondage

If you're focused on increasing your stamina, incorporating some light bondage play into your next car sex adventure is a great way to play without penetration. Use the seatbelts to tie your partner to their seat and tease them with your hands, mouth, or other objects.

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Sex Positions in the Car for Tall People

Being tall has its advantages and disadvantages, especially when it comes to sex positions in the car. 

On the one hand, you have more leverage and can potentially reach places your shorter partner can't. On the other hand, finding a comfortable position can be tricky when you're trying not to hit your head on the roof or squeeze into a small space.

When it comes to the best sex positions in the car for tall people (or people with height differences), we suggest trying the above positions in the following locations.

A backseat is a great option for tall people because there's plenty of room to stretch out. Your partner can lie down on the seat with their legs over your shoulders, or they can sit up and wrap their legs around your waist. 

Outside the car is also a fun position for those who like to live on the edge! Park the car in a secluded spot and take things outside. Your partner can lean against the car while you stand between their legs and do your thing. Just be careful that you follow the regulations so that you don't get charged.

Sex Positions in a Small Car

What about those with small cars? While this can both literally and figuratively cramp your style, there are some great sex positions in a small car you can try that will still allow you to enjoy the moment.

The passenger seat is a great place to have sex in a small car. Have one partner lie down in the passenger seat. Then, have the other partner enter them from behind. If you're able to recline the passenger seat all the way, it allows you to enjoy deeper penetration that'll hit your sensitive spots.

The hood of the car is another great option. If the inside of the car is too small, take things outside. This is similar to doggy style, but instead of being on all fours, one partner is on their back on the hood of the car with their legs in the air. 

Final Words: Tips for More Enjoyable Car Sex

Having sex in the car can be a bit of a challenge (albeit an exhilarating one). To enhance your next roadside rendezvous, we suggest keeping comfort in mind.

Bring along some supplies. A blanket or towel can help to make things more comfortable, and some lube can go a long way toward making things more enjoyable. Additionally, be sure to relax and communicate how each position feels until you find one that works for both of you.

When it comes down to it, the key lies in feeling free to explore. Keep in mind you might need to adjust your seats or take things outside if you want to really get things going and last even longer.

Remember to practice all the safety measures, like safely parking your car in the right place, before trying out any of the positions.

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