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Improve Your Performance With Kegel Exercises: Premature Ejaculation

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Published on February 21, 2023

If you're struggling with lasting longer in bed, you are far from alone in that regard.

Premature ejaculation is a penis problem that affects 20% to 30% of men, creating a recipe for performance anxiety and self-esteem issues. It causes you to put a lot of pressure on yourself and can even make the act or idea of sex unenjoyable.

The silver lining is that it doesn't have to be an issue that you struggle with without recourse. With the right premature ejaculation exercise regimen, you can have sex as long as you want and have more fulfilling relationships.

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Here's what you need to know to get started.

Can You Cure Premature Ejaculation By Exercising?

Yes! The great news is that something as simple as diligent exercise can cure you of your premature ejaculation issues. The exercises can be done at any time, discreetly, and as often as you'd like.

They will help you delay ejaculation so that you're no longer dealing with the anxiety that the issues bring about. Knowing this, you should get ready to dedicate yourself to this journey.

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Pelvic Floor Muscles and Premature Ejaculation

So how can you treat premature ejaculation with exercise? The key is to engage and strengthen your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. These are the same group of muscles that you use to hold back urine when you have to go.

Men trying to beat premature ejaculation can engage these muscles so that they can delay or bypass ejaculation. Using a kegel exercise for premature ejaculation will strengthen your entire pelvic floor to make these issues a thing of the past.

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7 Premature Ejaculation Exercises That Can Help

Performing Kegels for men can help you last longer in bed, have stiffer, firmer erections, and enjoy sex more. If you have been dealing with premature ejaculation for a while, you may even feel like you're getting your sex life back.

The great thing is that there are many different ways to do kegel exercises for men. Here are 7 exercises you can engage in that will help you out with premature ejaculation:

premature ejaculation exercise

1- Long Kegel Squeezes

Though there are plenty of exercises you can use to help with premature ejaculation, kegel squeezes remain tops on the list. Holding the muscles for 10 seconds or more will give you more familiarity with them. You'll be able to squeeze them on command whenever you feel the need, and you'll stimulate more blood flow to your genitals.

One of the best parts of these exercises is that you can do them anywhere without anyone ever knowing and without any special equipment. You can squeeze the muscles while you're in traffic on the way to work or while you're just watching TV.

With enough reps, you will start to notice substantial results.

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2- Short Kegel Squeezes

Shorter kegel muscle squeezes allow you to do these exercises at volume. This exercise involves short, pulsated squeezes rather than holding it.

When you do the short squeezes, you will work different parts of the muscles and will have more of a holistic sense of control.

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3- Practice Yoga Frequently

Overcoming premature ejaculation is also a total-body effort. One of the reasons that men suffer from this condition is that their bodies are always so tense.

This can be due to nerves or general life anxiety. When your muscles are always so tense, your body will naturally look for some kind of release.

One of the ways to alleviate stress and elevate your comfort levels is by practicing yoga. Yoga gets your entire body involved, releasing tension and increasing body awareness and blood flow.

4- Hit the Squat Rack

Few exercises are as important to your sexual health as squats. Not only are you flexing your pelvic floor, but you are also adding resistance training to the mix to help you get stronger.

These exercises will strengthen your entire lower body so that you have more stamina, strength, and testosterone. Try squeezing your pelvic floor as you come up and complete the rep.

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5- Perform Deep Lunges

You'll get more from your blood flow and stamina when you engage in deep lunges. This not only gives you a chance to strengthen your pelvic floor, but you'll also increase your flexibility and explosiveness.

It's the type of exercise that makes you more limber as a whole, so these benefits will carry over into your daily life.

6- Squeeze Your Glutes

Something as simple as glut squeezes can also have tremendous effects. Stronger glutes strengthen the muscle groups all around your pelvic floor. A glute squeeze is also a go-to move whenever a man is trying to calm himself down in the bedroom and regain composure.

That alone is worth its weight in gold when it comes to preventing premature ejaculation.

7- Perform Breathing Exercises

Breathing is also often the culprit for a myriad of sexual situations. People who know how to perform deep breathing exercises that they can use in their daily life will also be better able to avoid premature ejaculation.

Take the time to breathe deeply into your nostrils and exhale through your mouth. It will help you relax your entire body from your head to your toes so that you don't carry physical tension into the bedroom.

Getting in touch with your breathing also helps you clear your mind of any anxiety and allows you to focus and remain in the moment.

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Final Words: What Are Other Treatments for Premature Ejaculation?

When you have a premature ejaculation exercise regimen, you're able to get control of this issue so that you can reclaim your sex life. Once you've got your PC muscles under control, take it a step further to find some products that can help you out.

Prescription ED pills, numbing creams, and other products can help your sexual prowess in the bedroom. They both help with stamina and give you enough confidence to take control of your body to prevent premature ejaculation.


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