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6 Sex Swing Positions That'll Definitely Spice Things Up

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Written by the UPGUYS Editorial Team
Published on October 30, 2022

Revitalizing your intimate life can be a game-changer, especially when exploring new avenues like sex swings. These devices offer a fresh perspective on physical intimacy, catering to various desires and needs. Interestingly, for those dealing with erectile dysfunction in Canada and elsewhere, incorporating a sex swing can add a novel element to their treatment strategy, potentially enhancing both physical and emotional connections.

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It's important to remember that sexual wellness is a multifaceted aspect of our lives, contributing to overall health, reducing stress, and even burning calories. While 41 percent of Canadians may feel dissatisfied with their sex lives, introducing playful and innovative accessories like sex swings could be the key to reigniting that lost spark. So, whether you're considering purchasing a sex swing or already own one and are looking for new ways to use it, this guide on sex swing positions promises to infuse excitement and novelty into your intimate moments.

In this guide, we will take a look at:

What Is a Sex Swing?

If you have been looking up kinky sex ideas, you may have stumbled upon the sex swing. Maybe you have seen it used in porn and wondered what the point is.

So, what is a sex swing?

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This hot contraption is a type of harness or swing that can be attached to the ceiling or a door. One partner will sit or lie in the swing and be suspended in the air. The other partner can move around freely, allowing for a fun range of positions and role-play.

Some sex swings will have support for one partner's head, buttocks, and stirrups for the legs. Some might be simpler, while others may allow the partner using the swing to be restrained if you are into BDSM.

This device gives you access to a range of different sex swing positions, allowing you to try angles and motions you have only dreamed of. 

Sex swing sex positions are not only for added kinkiness. This device also makes fun sex more accessible to older people who may struggle with flexibility issues.

It can also be a life-changer for:

  1. Overweight people who struggle with classic positions
  2. People with disabilities

You can adjust a sex swing to the perfect angle and height to suit any couple, helping you learn how to have better sex in a fun and playful way.

Types of Sex Swings

The classic sex swing is bolted to the ceiling, with two primary straps to support your weight and two stirrups. It may be attached from one or two points, which will determine if it can swing around for added arousal.

A sex sling will have one large panel of material to support the whole body. This can be made out of leather or a different type of material. This sling has a lower range of motion. It can be attached to the ceiling via four points or to a portable sling stand.

A door sex swing will turn any door into a kinky playground in moments. It is anchored over a sturdy door and will commonly have support for the buttocks, stirrups for the feet, and hand holds, which can also be used as restraints.

Door sex swing positions may be a bit more limited but still allow for plenty of fun.

If you don't want to go to the trouble of mounting a sex swing to your ceiling or door, you can also find a body sex swing. 

This is a harness worn by one partner to support another and is particularly useful for supported standing sex.

Another popular device that can double as a sex swing is a yoga swing. This sling can be a hammock-style piece of material suspended from the ceiling. It can also have various hand and foot holds. Yoga swing sex positions are virtually identical to those you can do in a traditional swing. 

Choosing the Right Sex Swing

Before we look at sex positions for your sex swing, you need to choose the right device for your lifestyle.

If you are a beginner and want to try something new and exciting, you may want to go for a door sex swing or a simpler version. This is also a great option if you are travelling or looking for something more portable.

If you have plenty of space and don't mind a tell-tale hook in the middle of your ceiling, you can install a classic sex swing or sling. Depending on your kinks, you can buy accessories for added bondage and titillation. It is important to choose the right material, as some might irritate your skin.

If you are into yoga and like the idea of a swing doubling for both fitness and erotic play, a yoga swing might be best for you. 

The main things to take into consideration are:

  1. How you can safely attach and use the swing
  2. How much space you want to dedicate to it
  3. How much money you are willing to spend 

Stories abound of adventurous couples falling mid-coitus or experiencing uncomfortable chafing from the wrong swings.

Six Best Sex Swing Positions

Let's get into some tips for having sex with a swing. The best sex swing positions take the classics and optimize them with easier access and the joy of weightlessness.

1- Deep Door Penetration

Over-the-door sex swing positions may not offer you the entire range of motion. However, this device is perfect for assisted-standing sex that allows you to move and adjust for deep penetration. The seated partner can put her feet up the straps, lean back, and enjoy.

2- Weightless Oral

Foreplay is always a great way to extend your partner's arousal and prevent you from coming too soon from the excitement of your sex swing. Either partner can sit in the swing and experience the weightless joy of flying oral sex.

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3- Downward Doggy

The yoga swing is great for this one! Use the device to support and angle your body for the perfect doggy-style angle. This is classic but one of the best sex swing positions for backward play. It also gives the female partner great access to stimulate herself.

4- The Spider

The swing doesn't only have to be for one person at a time. You can sit in the swing while your partner climbs on you in a seated position for an intimate and mind-blowing experience.  

5- Flying 69

A suspended 69 is excellent for both female and male arousal. No one is getting crushed or in an awkward position. One person can position themselves in the swing lying down or at an angle while the other stands above them.

6- Bounce and Spin

There are many fun positions for your sex swing. Lie down naked on the floor with your partner in the air, guiding penetration as they spin around or bounce on top of you.

Final Words: Safety Tips for Sex Swings

A sex swing will shake up your sex life. However, before you get into the different sex swing positions, it is vital to ensure your device is securely and safely attached.

Read the instructions, and give the swing a platonic test ride with your partner to ensure it is safe. The most important tip is to communicate!

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