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Coping With ED: 9 Fast Ways To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

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Written by the UPGUYS Editorial Team
Published on June 21, 2022

Ancient cures for erectile dysfunction ranged from seemingly harmless herbal cures to less palatable treatments that involved (gulp) consuming snake flesh and goat genitalia. Fortunately, today's erectile dysfunction fast treatments are far more palatable. 

If you have been properly diagnosed with ED and are seeing fast ways to cure erectile dysfunction, then you have come to the right place. We'll explore nine proven cures that are perfectly safe for treating erectile dysfunction. You can also order Viagra from Canada.

Why an Accurate Diagnosis Matters

Before we delve into ED nine treatments that you can safely try without a prescription, it's important to remind our readers that erectile dysfunction is not something that can or should be self-diagnosed. 

Only 25% of men in Canada who are coping with erectile dysfunction are under treatment for the condition. That's a shame because ED management is easy and affordable. 

UPGUYS believes in stepping up when others slow down. It's OK to want more from your body. This is why we offer free medical consultations, online support, and free discreet delivery for our valued customers.

Once you've taken the guesswork out of your ED symptoms, you can try the following treatments.

1- Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises work well for men and women, although you may have heard the term used primarily as a treatment for women. The strengthening exercises improve the pelvic floor, and they can also help improve sexual performance. 

Doing Kegal exercises is straightforward. One popular regimen requires tightening the muscles on the bottom of the pelvic area. Imagine that you are trying to hold back urination.

Avoid holding your breath while you do these exercises. Also, try to avoid tightening your abdomen. These are not the muscles you should be focusing on.  

Contract the muscles for three seconds, then release. Do this 10 to 15 times at a time and three times per day.

You may notice an improvement in erectile function in as few as a few weeks after starting this exercise. Some people require a few months of exercise before results are noticed. For optimal results, make Kegel exercise a regular part of your exercise routine. 

2- Everyday Exercise

There are many benefits to exercise, including boosted cardiovascular health that helps you maintain an erection. Many parts of sexual intercourse rely on good blood flow. Your body releases hormones and chemicals that boost your mood, which can also help lead to sexual arousal. 

Exercise helps you slim down, which can make you more attractive to sexual partners. Weight loss, as we'll explore below, can also help you reverse symptoms of sexual dysfunction. 

Studies have shown that men who have a wide raise are significantly more likely to experience ED. You can make exercise an activity for you and your partner. Start each day with daily walks and see how much those new routines can help your sex life. 

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3- Limiting Alcohol

Yes, one drink can help put you in the mood by loosening your inhibitions. Too much alcohol can contribute to several factors that can impede sexual arousal. For starters, did you know that alcohol can interfere with certain forms of medication?

Alcohol dulls the nerves and central nervous system. This directly affects sexual reflexes. You may have heard the euphemism of having "whiskey dick." Alcohol also cuts your body's ability to feel physical sensations, which can further add to your inability to experience adequate arousal.

Over time, alcohol consumption can lead to liver damage, which can throw off your body's hormone imbalance. Some men even experience increased production of estrogen due to this form of liver damage. 

Finally, alcohol can be one reason that you gain weight. As we will explore in this article, the health of your cardiovascular system is critically tied to erectile dysfunction. 

We're not saying to cut out alcohol entirely, but cutting back for a period of time may have health benefits that help you curve symptoms of ED.

4- Erectile Dysfunction Fast Treatments Using Ginseng

Did you know that Canada is a large exporter of ginseng? The herb is sometimes called "herbal Viagra" because studies have proven that a certain dosage of the herb can effectively treat erectile dysfunction.

The best strain for ED treatment is the "red" ginseng which can be steamed and dried. There are also many additional benefits to ginseng that you can enjoy while treating ED. The plant root has been shown to boost brain function, immune response, and energy.

You can even grow the plant at your home. Simply chop up the root and boil. If you are taking medications, be sure to tell your doctor that you are taking ginseng. That way, you can prevent any negative and unintended drug interactions. 

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5- Quitting Smoking

Smoking is a known risk factor for erectile dysfunction. Tobacco use is proven to be bad for your heart and cardiovascular system. Then there is the documented risk of developing cancer.

Blood flow impairment can make maintaining an erection difficult. You need maximum blood flow to the right areas of the body. 

If you smoke and have ED, there's no incremental approach to solving the problem. You will need to cease smoking altogether. Even then, it will take some time for your body to recover from tobacco use. 

If your partner is a smoker, try teaming up to solve the problem together. Once you quit smoking, you will be more motivated to exercise and to make other habits that further improve your health and sexual performance. 

6- L-arginine

L-arginine is an amino acid. It helps your body build muscle. The amino acid is produced by your body, but you can also consume certain foods to boost the presence of this amino acid in your system.

Try eating more protein-rich foods like poultry, fish, red meat, dairy, and beans. There are also many great supplements that contain L-arginine. These can be taken orally or over your skin. 

The amino acid helps your body produce nitric acid, which in turn helps blood vessels relax when you need to create an erection. Even as little as five grams of L-arginine can lead to significant improvements in erectile performance. 

Coping with erectile dysfunction doesn't have to be a thing forever when you take regular doses of this important amino acid. 

7- Sensate Focus

There are often psychological reasons behind ED, though not all the time. Men who have difficulty maintaining an erection may have mental barriers that can be addressed through something called sensate focus. 

To build this skill, become mindful of your body and that of your partner by making deliberate and gentle physical caresses. The therapy is best completed with the help of professionals, and there is considerable literature out there that can help you with these sensate focus exercises.

Pay Attention to Your Vascular HealthExercise is important but try getting specific by paying attention to your blood pressure, sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and triglycerides. You should measure anything that can damage arteries. 

Besides potentially causing a stroke, these health problems can directly impede erectile performance. Your doctor should be the first place you start. Ask for a checkup of your vascular system that will likely include blood work.

8- Size Matters, So Get Slim and Stay Slim 

Yes, size matters, but not like you think. Here is where smaller is better. Your goal should be to have a thin waistline. 

Losing weight addresses one of the leading causes of ED. Obesity is also bad for your overall vascular system. Losing weight helps you avoid chronic diseases that are also tied to poor erectile performance. 

Start by paying attention to what you eat. Did you know that sugary and soy-based foods are especially bad for sexual performance? Sugary foods lead to rapid weight gain, and excessive consumption of soy can lead to erectile problems. 

Learn More Fast Ways to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Just as there is no single cause of erectile dysfunction, there's one one-size-fits-all cure for ED. Many men find improvement in erectile function after trying these tips, and any steps toward leading a healthy lifestyle have intrinsic values. If your erectile dysfunction symptoms do not improve, fear not. UPGUYS can help you enjoy romantic bliss no matter what your age or symptoms.  

Our proven erectile dysfunction fast treatments offer effective and fast ways to cure erectile dysfunction. It all starts with our medical consultations. Take the first step and join the thousands of Canadian men who improved their erectile performance using our treatment options

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