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Red Light Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction: What You Need To Know

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Written by the UPGUYS Editorial Team
Published on July 27, 2022

In treating erectile dysfunction (ED), the typical answer is medication. Many of these drugs, such as Viagra pills, have a large success rate in combating erectile dysfunction in Canada.

However, medication can cause plenty of side effects. Life-threatening side effects are more likely if you have a history of heart problems.

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UPGUYS ED Meds: Simple & Discreet
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UPGUYS ED Meds: Simple & Discreet

You want to find the best way to treat your ED and keep yourself healthy. Drugs have the possibility of harmful side effects. Why not try therapy for erectile dysfunction?

As studies suggest, Red light therapy is an emerging therapeutic method for treating erectile dysfunction. It is non-invasive and helps stimulate sperm function and fertility.

In this article, we talk about the following:

What Is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is a method that uses low-level red lights. These lights are able to target the cells in your body.

They stimulate the mitochondria in your cells. The stimulation causes the cells to produce more energy. This increases the functionality of the cells and that of the affected area.

Free Doctor Call & Free Medication Shipping
UPGUYS ED Meds: Simple & Discreet
UPGUYS ED Meds: Simple & Discreet
Get Started Here
UPGUYS ED Meds: Simple & Discreet

Red light therapy corrects the root causes of the cell's lack of energy. Stress, illness, and inflammation are all factors. They can cause the mitochondria not to produce the energy that it needs.

Energizing the cells reduces inflammation. It promotes the circulation of blood in the body. Areas affected by the red light are able to receive the necessary components for repair.

Your body's healing process will improve as you introduce more energy to the system. This causes your body to naturally combat issues that are present.

Stress is a problem that can cause a variety of issues. It weakens your immune system and does not allow you to be able to address areas that need attention. Red light therapy can reduce stress, both mental and physical, allowing for your body and mind to heal.

It is a safe treatment as it uses visible light to affect what is right under the skin. This is different from the ultraviolet radiation that one would receive when tanning. It does not damage the skin or any other organs.

Currently, people are using this therapeutic treatment in a variety of ways. The most common use is for skincare and treating acne. Muscle recovery from workouts and injury is a prominent use of red light therapy. This is also a treatment that can stimulate hair growth.

Researchers are now looking at how this therapeutic method can help to combat ED.

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How Red Light Therapy Helps Treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

This type of therapy for erectile dysfunction helps to treat it in a few different ways. This simple treatment shows remarkable improvements for men who struggle with ED. These improvements include all aspects: physical, hormonal, and mental.

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One of the physical ways red light therapy helps ED is through improved blood flow in the body. This aids in treating ED, as one of its main causes is an insufficient amount of blood flow to the penis.

Red lights can also increase your body's testosterone production. It is well known that low testosterone is a prominent factor in low sex drive. Naturally, increasing your testosterone production aids against ED.

Mental health plays a large role in contributing to ED. Studies have shown infrared lights help to combat depression and anxiety. Improved mental health boosts your confidence and your sex drive.

Red light therapy can also aid in weight loss and gaining muscle mass. Obesity can be a cause of erectile dysfunction, and losing weight is a way to correct it.

Gains in muscle mass help to increase your testosterone level. The creation of new muscle signals to the brain to produce more testosterone. Red light therapy helps to battle against low testosterone in two different ways.

There are also mental benefits to losing weight and putting on muscle. Your confidence will increase as your body grows healthier and functions better. The greater confidence you have in yourself, the better you will perform in your sex life.

Red light therapy treats the root causes of erectile dysfunction. It does not simply mask the problem but finds a lasting solution.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

There are many benefits to red light therapy. This is an excellent form of therapy for erectile dysfunction.

The foremost benefit of red light therapy is treating the causes of ED, not the symptoms. This leads to lasting change.

Most drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction only increase blood circulation. Red light therapy helps to promote the energy in the cells necessary for proper blood flow.

Medication can place a strain on your heart. Increasing your cellular energy through natural means will not do that.

This makes red light therapy a more natural way to treat ED. This treatment method, along with other natural ways, is a great way to combat ED.

While medication is a good short-term solution, you should not use them long-term. Many kinds of drugs can have a negative impact on your organs or put you at risk for further complications.

Red light therapy for erectile dysfunction does not have these possible long-term effects. It is a safe way to ensure your sexual health for years to come.

Anxiety can cause erectile dysfunction, with stress also causing low cellular energy. Red light therapy is active in reducing stress and anxiety. Not only is therapy working to improve your sex life, but it also provides relief to your mental health.

A low sperm count can lead to further complications in both your health and sex life. Red light therapy stimulates sperm function and increases fertility.

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If you have a low sperm count, various surgical treatments are used to correct it. Red light therapy is a way in which you can increase your sperm production and avoid surgery.

Expectations for Red Light Therapy Treatment

There are two primary methods in which your red light therapy can take place. There are clinics that offer this treatment as one of their services, or you can do it at home.

If you choose to do therapy at home, you will need the correct equipment. Choose a device that can cover the whole range of your body effectively. You will also need to select a device that emits the correct wavelength to treat ED.

Having the proper equipment is not an issue if you choose to go to a clinic. Most clinics have red light chambers where you stand for your session. Some will have beds, like tanning salons, where you can lie down.

In both situations, you will need to strip in order for the light to be effective. This is easy to achieve if you are at home: you could choose a room or office to be your location. Clinics will offer their own ways to ensure privacy.

Red light sessions are brief, ranging from twenty to forty minutes. This allows you to fit therapy into your schedule and make it part of your routine.

You may use some lights that emit heat. There is a possibility of slight discomfort when the therapeutic treatment first starts. This should not deter you, as the benefits will make themselves known.

Whether you choose to be at home or go to a clinic, you must be consistent. Over time, results from using red light therapy for erectile dysfunction will appear.

Associated Side Effects with Red Light Therapy for ED

It is important to note that this is a relatively new treatment method. There are few studies on red light therapy for erectile dysfunction.

Due to a lack of these studies, there is no universal treatment or prescribed method. You will need to do research to find the correct wavelengths and equipment. There may also be a need to experiment to find the therapeutic time that is right for you.

Some treatment methods utilize red light lasers as a therapeutic instrument. Due to this, one of the possible side effects of red light therapy is tissue damage.

Experts recommend that a medical professional is the one to administer the treatment. This does not make laser treatment a viable option to use at home.

But lasers are falling out of common use, making tissue damage a rare scenario. People are transitioning to using LED lights. These LED lights do not heat the tissue and thus do not pose a risk of tissue damage.

LED lights do have minor short-term effects. Headaches and eye strain are possible side effects.

These side effects are primarily caused by looking at the lights. Averting your eyes from direct contact with the light can resolve this issue. Wearing protective eyewear is another preventative measure, but not necessary.

If you take medication, consult your doctor if red light therapy is a good option for you. This treatment can have adverse side effects if used with certain medications.

Key Takeaways

We have established what red light therapy is. The use of visible light stimulates the cells of the body to create energy.

Using red light therapy for erectile dysfunction is a safe way to naturally aid against ED. It targets the problems that cause ED instead of masking symptoms. This is a therapeutic method that promotes your body's normal functions.

Red light therapy has many benefits associated with it. Increased testosterone and sperm production are two examples. It will also aid in muscle growth and help you to be more confident.

These benefits help to correct many of the issues that cause erectile dysfunction. Continued use sees positive results that better all aspects of your life.

There are few risks posed by red light therapy, making it a safe way to manage erectile dysfunction. While it may feel strange at first, using red lights can become a part of your daily routine.

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FAQs About Red Light Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

1- What is the average cost of red light therapy?

This depends on if you are going to a clinic or doing at-home therapy.

The red lights can cost anywhere from $100 to upwards of $4000, depending on the size and quality of the lights. They will have a little impact on your energy bill though, as red lights take little energy to produce.

Prices will vary depending on where you go. Most sessions will cost around $30. This will add up as consistency is key to seeing results.

2- How long is a session?

A red light therapy session is typically between twenty minutes and a half hour long. This will vary by person and by how much light is used.

To put the time in context, you would wait roughly a half hour for ED medication to begin working after taking it. Therapy, however, will last longer than the medication. This is due to the stimulation of the cells, which continues after the session has ended.

3- How many sessions do I need to take?

In order to see results, consistent treatment is necessary.

It is recommended to begin gradually with only a few weekly sessions for roughly a month. Once you are comfortable with the treatment, using red light therapy every day is fine. Many people enjoy a daily ritual of therapy at some point in their day.

4- Which areas do I need to target?

You will need to target the penis, testes, and thyroid. These are the places where you want to stimulate blood flow in and encourage testosterone production.

You may want to invest in a larger red light unit if you are doing home treatment. This will make targeting those areas easier and more comfortable. Smaller units will, at times, necessitate awkward positioning.


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